Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Pink and Orange: A Happy Combination

A sure-fire color combo for kicky fun is bright pink and orange. When I realized I had a bunch of pink and orange enamel dots that have languished unused, I had to give them some love.

So much fun!

What do you have languishing unused in your stash? Too many things to name? Why not challenge yourself to use some of that hoard over the holidays? Cut loose, have some fun, and be creative because, well...you shouldn't really need a reason, right?

And while I'm challenging you, why don't you challenge me. What would you like to see me do in the next few months? Is there a particular product or color combo or technique or stamp set that you'd like to see more of? (I won't buy new sets but I can find one in my stash that's similar!) Or a particular type of card, like birthday, sympathy, or get well? Is there a particular design principle you'd like me to play with? What do you want?

On another note, this holiday, please sprinkle mercy, grace, peace, and love all around you. We need more of those...and there's a limitless supply waiting to be tapped!

stamps: Papertrey Birthday Bash Sentiments, and I can't remember the leaf stamp
ink: Archival vibrant fuchsia, tiger lily; Memento Luxe tuxedo black
paper: Papertrey
accessories: craft foam, glue, enamel dots, scallop scissors (to slightly round corners of raised panel)


  1. Ohh Susan love this. Been so busy with getting mum and dad settled havent had time to visit and chat. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and new year. Always looking if not chatting.

  2. Vibrant AND clean and simple! I never tire of you explaining your design choices, and the specifics; I always want more of that; repetition is good. (Can you have 2 semicolons in a sentence?) I can't imagine how many thousands of cards you have posted over the years. Maybe you could do a "throw back" day, bringing back some of your own favorites--and add a new card that highlights the same principles with new stamps, etc. And we need as much Happy as possible these days. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  3. Bright and wonderful. I need to use more of those sticker embellishments (like Jolee's, Recollections, etc) that I seem to have collected by the truck load over the years. I also have too much washi tape. Feel free to share more washi ideas with us.

  4. I would love to see you use patterned paper (if you own any?!) and maybe some washi tape? I have quite a lot of both things, and a hard time actually using it(but it is so much fun to buy!)

  5. i like how the white space of the card gives the eye a rest after the ultra-bold flower but the dots keep the color and vibe going!
    have you ever considered how the fibonacci spiral would apply to card design? also, im looking forward to when you'll finally get a die cutting machine, either as a purchase or as a gift, & realize how many, many new things you can do with it!

  6. I haven't seen you use PTI's Doodlie-Do in awhile, but I covet the set... so if you tire of it please let me know! ;-) Seriously, I have loved every card you have made with it. If you started a new blog called Doodlie-Do and only made cards with that set, I'd happily subscribe! I also love when you surprise us with colored cardstock or a design outside your norm, like flying your freak flag the other day! Awesome card, btw... I'm so behind in commenting. But we're all here cause we like what you normally do :-) And for that, I thank you. Blogging takes time and stamina I currently don't have. I appreciate you for doing it, and making it entertaining, educational, and inspiring in the process. Well, I've about used up my allotment of space (and commas). Merry Christmas Susan!


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