Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pretty Pink Poppy and an Update on Jonah

The pink and gold color combination on today's card came from somewhere on the Anthropologie website and several pins on Pinterest. It's just so pretty!

I thought I'd finished the card when I added the bling, but the matte black center of the poppy looked sort of dead, so I pulled out some black Stickles and livened it up a bit. Much better.

In the close-up you can see the faint grid background for the raised panel. The Memento angel pink is VERY pale, but that subtlety pays off with this card. Stark white would have looked sort of, well, stark. This is softer, more elegant. The grid contrasts with the soft curves of the poppy, adding interest without making the design busy.

The stamped panel looked really odd on a white card, so I was grateful to my little stash of colored Papertrey cardstock for this lovely light pink.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Update on Jonah

Remember three years back when we had a card drive for a little boy named Jonah who was battling cancer? Well, in a strange coincidence, Jonah's mom Molly attended the funeral for my friend Keith a few weeks ago. She knows Keith's son Murray from her church, so she came to the funeral to support him.

My brain was definitely on the eulogy I was about to give, but I'm so glad Molly stopped me and shared that Jonah is doing great. You can see pictures from early this year on his Facebook page, and he's growing so well!  Molly shared that he often tells strangers that he had cancer and is fine now...a great way for a young child to process the trauma of cancer he can barely understand. Strangers, of course, are sometimes taken aback, but it's so good for Jonah to have a healthy attitude toward what happened.

If you're the praying type, send up a little prayer of thanksgiving that this precious child is doing so very well and that he continues to do so under the great care his family and doctors are giving!

Hope, peace, joy, and love this Christmas week,

stamps: Altenew Painted Poppy, Papertrey Mega Mixed Messages
ink: Hero Arts intense black, Memento angel pink
paper: Papertrey 
accessories: craft foam, gold metallic marker, glue, Stickles, rhinestones


  1. I used to live south and north of Dayton--Springboro with my first husband who died of cancer at age 30, and Vandalia, and Troy with my present husband. I loved Marco's paper shop--although it was over 15 years ago that I frequented it. I was raised in the Roman Catholic faith, and have raised my children in that faith of their father--Methodist and love following your posts on faith, humanity, and the simplicity of art--all in that order. An engineer by training, a mother in practice and a stamper for over 19 years, your style, your words and your underlying love of Jesus through your faith has touched my heart, not to mention your love of white space! Just thought I'd let you know this Christmas season that I love your blog. Much love to you and yours this season and the whole year through! Kelli

  2. Ack! Auto correct changed by name--it's really Kelle!!!!

  3. So good to hear Jonah is doing well and I will send prayers of thanks, it is good to pray for Thanks rather than asking!! And this card caught my eye as I love the pink base with the touch of gold x

  4. Beautiful card! Love that subtle grid background, I'll remember that the next time I don't want the stark white background but don't want much else either. ;-) Great news on Jonah! That makes me very happy and very thankful.

  5. Great card, even greater news about Jonah. The Angel Balls are delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  6. I can't believe it was that long ago that we were sending cards to Jonah. Thank you for the update. I am so happy that he is doing well.
    Your card is lovely -- the pink and the image. To me the image "looks like" you and yet it doesn't. Odd. I like the looseness of it.

  7. I saw the pink card and decided I must have stopped at the wrong blog. It's the right style for you though. It is a gorgeous creation. Such sweet news about Jonah.

  8. Glad to hear Jonah is doing well!


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