Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Horror! The Horror!

My camera died today.

"The horror! The horror!"

Name that quote. Don't google.

When I try to use my light tent with my phone, the lines from the bulbs in my Ott lights show on the photo. My husband told me to use his Nikon D-50, but it intimidates me. I'm going to have to learn to do something new.

Some days, that's too much.

Can you relate?

Anyway, I have a few photos of cards that haven't been shared yet, so we're good for a few days. Technically, today's post could be two posts but that would be a waste of everyone's time because the cards are much the same, although one of them does use a rarely-seen-on-this-blog colored base.

Here you go.

Isn't that sentiment fabulous!!! You certainly won't find it in today's literary source, which is depressing beyond words.

My first coloring attempt with this stamp took the shading in the opposite direction, but it looked strange to me...perhaps simply because Copic coloring is so challenging for me. Whatever. So I googled actual pictures of roses and noted that many of them have lighter shades of color on the inside of petals and darker shades toward the edges. This seems counterintuitive to me, too, but I mentioned recently how horticulturally challenged I am, being more a plant hospice worker than green thumb.

I like the odd results.

Both cards use Memento black ink, which stays put no matter how much Copic layering you do, on Gina K heavy white cardstock, which is coated to make blending Copic and other alcohol inks easier. Thank you, Memento and Gina.

The orange rose has bits hanging over the edge of the popped panel...which adds a bit of interest to the card, I think.

Here's another line from our literary source for this post, one of my favorite lines in all literature for its sound (but certainly not for its meaning).

"A taint of imbecile rapacity blew through it all, like a whiff from some corpse."

Say it out loud. It's brilliant, even faintly onomatopoeic in a rather gross way.

Now, without googling, who can tell me who penned these lines and in what work they may be found?

Mercy, grace, peace, and love to fight the darkness,

stamps: Altenew Awesome You
ink: Memento Luxe
paper: Gina K white, Papertrey pink
accessories: Copic markers, craft knife, craft foam, glue, rhinestones


  1. Oh gosh, it's that book that's all jungle and doom. Darkness... Something. OK, i'mma take partial credit on this one. English majors 4evah!

    1. Yes to the jungle and doom! And the word Darkness is in the title.

  2. Do not have the slightest idea where that line comes from. Will certainly check back to find out though. Very intriguing. I love the coloring on your roses - no matter how they're shaded. Both look great to me.

  3. I'm in the same boat ... my camera lens got stuck and they can't repair it. Cost of a new lens is about the same as a new camera! But my model is no longer available. Haven't decided what to do yet. Which one will you get?
    I also like roses with soft centres and darker edges.

  4. Now I would have said "Oh horror, horror, horror" from an older literary source...

    1. Shakespeare is an older source, and a great one!

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  6. When I saw your quote the first thing I thought of was the infamous WKRP turkey episode!!! Oh the humanity!!!!

  7. Beautiful cards Susan, love them both. Would have to admit to not knowing at all, I struggle to understand the English Language although it is our main language. My father battled his way through my 13 years of schooling trying to get me to understand. I love to read but could never understand why we would/wood say a word the same way yet it had different meanings. Like a sale/sail and why put a k in front of words yet not sound it out (thats the deafness in me) can cause such confusion. Lucky for me my father did the best he could with what he had to work with.

  8. OMG plant hospice worker! I can so relate...

  9. It's Heart of Darkness, for sure, and almost too horrible to think about. However, I first thought of WRKRP and the turkey episode, just as Hope did. I do love a well-turned phrase. I'm sorry about your camera. I freaked out the day my computer died when I was doing design team work. Ran out immediately and bought a new laptop. I'd probably think of it as a vacation these days, tee hee! I dearly love your roses. There's nothing like a splash of color on white, and anywhere you put the highlights or shading has a lovely effect. I absolutely do love that first sentiment! I so want that stamp!

  10. As an English minor person, not major, I too thought of Heart of Darkness and I know just where my copy is. I'm going to reread it. Yay, literature, not grammar. BYW, does anyone else keep a dictionay on your crafting desk? I like looking up words for when I comment or do my blog. Oh yes, I do love your roses, Susan!

  11. I'm obviously in a different realm than you, I thought the quote was from a Big Bang Theory episode. Love the cards too!

  12. Sorry to hear about your camera, Susan. I am technology-challenged, so my camera is a simple Canon point-and-shoot and works well for me. I'm confused about your seeing lines on the photo in your light tent. My homemade light tent has sheer fabric through which the lights shine so there are no shadows, reflections, or glare.

  13. The red rose looks odd shaded in the opposite way that you (and I) think it should be. The orange one works it though. Interesting that. As for the horror, the horror... indeed. My camera is dying and it won't be long now. It takes multiple tries of hitting the button before it goes, "OH! I get it!" CLICK and takes the picture. Some days I think of dashing it to the pavement for an early death.


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