Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Double Post Because Y'all Just Won't Believe This

Okay, we're going to start with the expected...a card you will recognize as completely CAS, full of white space, and therefore Susan-y. In fact, there's so much white space, I suspect some of you will get itchy just looking at it.

Am I right? Do you need some Benadryl?

Of course I love it. In fact, this might be one of the Christmas cards I make multiples of this year.

And now for a card that you're not going to believe I made.

I don't believe it.

But I do love it, for reasons that have nothing to do with design and everything to do with books.

I made this card for Audrie's IC598 at Splitcoast. The inspiration piece is from Autumn's blog HERE. The connection between the inspiration piece and mine is obvious...layout, colors, cut words, image at the top. I did preserve some crispness in my simple, white word pieces and the background for my shelf, but otherwise, it's pretty not crisp.

The quotation is from Anne McCaffrey, a science-fiction writer I've read since forever. Her Pern series is on my comfort shelf.

To make the background, I used the Tim Holtz mini blenders to blend the frayed burlap and faded jeans on the bottom 3/4 of the card base. Then, I spattered water over it to add a dreamy effect. 

The words were printed on Neenah 80lb and cut out as per Autumn's inspiration piece. 

The bookshelf was stamped on a smaller piece of 80lb Neenah using various distress inks so the stamping wouldn't be too crisp. I added a small plant on the stack on the right to symbolize how books turn the CO2 of life back into oxygen. 

The base is Neenah 110lb cardstock, which held up beautifully to all the ink and water spatters. 

So this might not look at all like a card I would make given my passion for white space and crisp, clean stamping, but ohmygosh does it capture my absolute and passionate love of and need for books. 

Many thanks to Audrie and Autumn for such a great afternoon of stampy fun!

So, I leave you with a question. What books do you consider comfort books? 

Inquiring minds, and all that.

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and books,

Supplies for Christmas Card
stamps: Winnie and Walter The Big, the Bold, and the Merry
ink: Fresh Ink Tuscan olive, Memento Luxe rhubarb stalk
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: not a one

Supplies for Comfort Book Card
stamps: Simon Says Stamp To Thine Own Shelf
ink: Tim Holtz distress
paper: Neenah 110lb and 80lb
accessories: craft foam, glue, toothbrush, water, mini blending tools


  1. Winnie the Pooh... for 50+ years...Winnie the Pooh. By the way, I LOVE your bookcase card! Well done!

  2. You're right. The first one makes me itch. BUT, it is so you! The second one is and isn't you. All that ink and all those words and water splatters! That's not our Susan. BUT..those books, and the message of all those words....THAT is our Simplicity! Love to see what you create when you go outside the lines. :)
    Lu C

  3. Blimey, what a contrast! I don't think I've ever seen you stray so far out of your comfort zone, yet you totally nailed it, it's a real stunner.
    Although I'm an avid fiction reader, my "comfort books" are my very oldest cookbooks, the ones I turn to time and time again. I can enjoy them even when i'm not cooking as the recipes all remind me of happy times that I've cooked them

  4. jane austen i my go to in stressfull times. If Im in a fantasy mood, David Eddings. I like both cards, it is amazing how different the same elements can be made to look (paper, ink, stamps.

  5. Love the Harry Potter series and books by Rosamund Pilcher as comfort reads. Soothing in different ways. Love the cards - always - even if I don't say so that often. Thanks.

  6. I adore the utter simplicity of your first card, but love the second one, too. I understand your affinity for books. I devour them. A "comfort book" for me would be Soul Songs by Heidi Levan.

  7. I read your blog frequently, but I mainly lurk! However questions about my favourite books lure me in! My comfort reads are any by Elizabeth Goudge, but especially the Damerosehay trilogy (The Bird in the Tree, The Herb of Grace & The Heart of the Family) & The Dean's Watch. A book that always cheers me up & makes me laugh is The Provincial Lady - E.M.Delafield. You will have realised from my spelling of "favourite" that I am from the UK & these books are all based there, so may not appeal to you.

  8. Hi Susan, wow! Your shelf of books and quote are unbelievable! I love your oxide background and cool stamping. I'm so honored that you were inspired by my mini album pages. Thank you so much for the shout out! Big hugs, Autumn

  9. I'm another regular reader, but seldom comment, unless something really speaks to me - and books do that! My favourite comfort books are the Mitford series by Jan Karon. They're sweet, almost simple(in a good way), and yet can be quite thought-provoking... I also enjoy Elizabeth Goudge!
    My stamping style usually isn't C&S, but I love the inspiration that I find on your blog! As well, I appreciate the tidbits from your Stephen ministry.

  10. I really like the second card, although I wouldn't have guessed it was yours. My favorite comfort books are those by James Herriott, even though parts of them are hilarious. Some of us will recall the, uh, boxer, and cat owners may remember how he could wrap a cat brought in for treatment. I'm very thankful that my cats do not require wrapping at the vet!

  11. The entire Chronicles of Narnia are my comfort books of choice. They hold first place in my heart.
    After that my "guilty pleasure" comfort books are the Left Behind series.
    A lovely old book called Mrs. Mike, The Screwtape Letters, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, 6-8 old Nancy Drew mysteries I collected as a child and the Harold and the Purple Crayon books I bought when my son was little but intend to hang on to forever!

  12. Pride & Prejudice is my comfort book. I also like Daddy Long Legs (it's not at like the movie version)


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