Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mixed Feelings

Many thanks to Janet (swanlady21) who commented on my last mixed media post about sticking:

I've heard that the multi media ladies have problem with the pages of their journals sticking together - and the solution is to cover with a layer of Dorland Wax. I even use it on my glossy and enamel accents (the liquid kind) which also tend to stick even though dry.

So there's another product that will fix the problems with using the mixed media products.


This is quickly becoming the opposite of Simplicity.

Today's card is certainly simple. It uses Gelatos and a baby wipe to create a border, and the butterfly is all texture-y thanks to whipped spackle and Gelatos.

This was my second attempt at the card base...the first try, I used post-its to mask off the border, but the thickness of the post-its didn't work with the creaminess of the Gelatos as they settled unattractively in clumps against the edge and even got under the post-it. For this second effort, I used washi tape to mask, hoping the thinner profile and stickier stick would work, and they did.

After I'd blended the blues and a tiny bit of bright pink with my finger, I GENTLY rubbed a wet wipe over the color. The wipe took color off, leaving a lighter, fresher blended background, but if you want strong color, skip the wet wipes. Gelatos will usually blend quite nicely with just a finger, and you don't need water.

The whipped spackle was promising. It blended with the orange Gelato beautifully. I spread the mix onto a piece of cardstock, let it dry, and punched it out. All went well until little pieces of the spackle began flaking off and leaving smears of orange Gelato all over the place. The smears mostly come off with a white eraser, but still. It's a mess.

Conclusion: the whipped spackle is definitely NOT a good idea for cards. There's no way this card will ever get mailed (can you imagine the orange, smeared mess that would make!?!?!). The texture is certainly pretty and adds interest, but whipped spackle is not a product that can be used this thickly on a card.

More mixed feelings on mixed media to come! I'm impressed with how long the stuff in the kit is lasting. The Gelatos, of course, are pretty big and will last a long time, but despite their small size, most of the tubes of goop that came with the kit are still going strong. The kit is an excellent value for experimenting!

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,

stamps: Papertrey 
ink: Archival black
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: washi tape, butterfly punch, black half pearls, Gelatos, my finger, glue, dimensionals, whipped spackle, baby wipes


  1. it's a pretty card! I've tried some of these products and they are not for me. Maybe if I had a professional size room with real furniture to store stuff and a sous stamper to clean up behind me.........even then I'd make a hot mess!!

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