Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Grab Bag of a Post

1. I received a lovely reply to an email I sent to Impress Cards and Crafts following receipt of a defective navy ink pad. Ann apologized for the problem and is sending me a new one ASAP. I adore the Impress Fresh Ink pads and colors, and out of the many I own, this was the first time there was a problem. So you might say I'm impressed by the customer service at Impress.

2. My elder son had several small speaking roles in his high school's production of the musical Catch Me If You Can, which I saw twice last weekend because I'm his mom and the show was awesome. He did a great job, and he's cute. Also silly.

3. Several of you sent me wonderful cards in April, and I want to share them because they really made my month, which was often full of stress and irritation. These three cards seemed to arrive on just the right days to lift me up and remind me how wonderful people are!

Patti's lovely Easter card uses just the right
amount of yellow with purple-y blues
to create a fantastically pretty card!

Michele's adorable peek-a-boo Easter card captures the pastel
goodness of spring with iconic jelly beans and
a cute, cute bunny!

Don't you love how she highlighted the bunny with that soft background?
I do!

Carol's card made me "awwww" and laugh at the same time.
Her soft, beachy scene with the scavenger sea gull and
salty sentiment is simply delightful!

4. I continue to play with the Mixed Media Gelatos kit, but it's early days. I don't want to judge too quickly. All I can say at this point is my anal-retentive, neat-freak self hasn't pitched the mess in the trash yet, so clearly there's some growth here.

5. Today's cards showcase the Copics I bought last week. If you need a reason to buy Copics, let me add that you can coordinate bling with your card quite easily with the darker shades. Lighter shades of Copic often don't color the bling as well, but you can get some subtle colors with them. Also, while my photo shows clear rhinestones with color added, know that you can change the shades of colored rhinestones with Copic or Sharpie markers. Don't be afraid to experiment.

The first card uses these blue and green Copics:

The shading of these colors is lovely, although I will say that G05 and G09 are not hugely different, and if you're on a budget, one or the other, but not both, will get you a good gradient with the G000 and G02.

This next card is not great as a card (that flower isn't my favorite), but it does show you the colors of the turquoise blue Copics I got...and they are lovely.

I used the 000 and 02 on the center petal, 02 and 05 on the next two petals, and 05 and 07 on the outer petals

So there you have it. A grab bag of a post. Little of this, little of that, a whole lot of pictures.

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and thanks for the wonderful people in this world,

stamps: Simon Says Stamp
ink: Memento black
paper: Gina K heavy white
accessories: rhinestones, Copics, craft foam, glue


  1. Your cards and shading are beautiful.

    "All right" as one word makes my eye twitch.

  2. What a handsome son! He has fabulous hair; does he always wear it like that? Anyway, I appreciate all the sharing of this post, as usual. I have some Gelatos,too, an impulse buy that has since occupied a drawer in my stash of shame. Perhaps I will get them out and play to ease my conscience. I would love to have been one of the people who sent you cards for one reason or another, but I don't have your address. Since you might still have my email address on your phone from last summer's Ironman, would you consider sending your address? It would make me happy to be able to surprise you.

  3. What fun cards were sent to you. Handsome young man you have - and talented! Love your cards. I love your simple (and easily attainable) examples. And, you've just given me more reason to increase my Copics. :D

  4. Well, this was fun! I adore a guy who knows how to have a little fun. Your son is growing up with all the possibilities in the world. It was nice of you to share the cards you received, which truly are gifts from the hearts of those who sent them. Finally, your Copic colors are working out beautifully. I especially love that first blue flower, and they certainly do a good job of coloring rhinestones!


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