Monday, June 4, 2018

Stenciled Thanks

In addition to my Mother's Day purchases, I picked up a few Tim Holtz stencils at Marco's Paper in Centerville. I was actually there just to buy envelopes for Karen's Card Shop with my monthly 40% off coupon, and I'm not quite sure how those stencils and a few bottles of Stickles jumped into my basket. In fact, I'm not quite sure why I picked up a basket to hold the box of 250 envelopes since that would have been easy enough to carry to the checkout by itself.

Why do we do things in stores? It's a mystery. Or I'm just extremely weak-willed and acquisitive.

"Oh, look! Something shiny!"

Anyway, since one of the Stickles colors was steel, I decided to use one of the stencils with a dark gray distress ink and accent it with the Stickles. Karen's Card Shop is desperately in need of thank-you cards (if anyone has any lying around they'd like to donate...just sayin'. I got envelopes!), so I made a thank-you card.

I love the look of one-layer cards with a repeat-pattern stencil. This one gives the illusion of a pretty piece of tile art, doesn't it? It retains the sim2`111111111111111111111. My dog just helped me type. With her chin. On my keyboard. I think someone needs attention.

Back again. As I was saying, the stenciled card retains the simplicity I love in its monochromatic repetition while allowing for pretty ornamental detail.

The dog is staring at me. "Why do you love your computer more than you love me?"

Perhaps I should go pour love into her empty love bucket. There's a hole in that bucket. It's never full. Oh, my.

Daisy from yesterday on the deck. She's
begging for cheese.

Could you say no to that eye? It's staring at me again. Just like yesterday.

We've already established how weak-willed I am. 

Good night.

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,

stamps: Papertrey Keep It Simple Thank You
ink: Archival black, Tim Holtz weathered wood(?)
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: Stickles steel, Tim Holtz stencil, post-it notes


  1. Great card – – I like the way the sentiment is aligned with a side of the image, not centered. Therefore, the reader pauses a bit, and spends more attention on the intent of the sentiment.

  2. I do have some thank you cards that I made a few months ago at you last request that I never sent to you. I will be glad to send them now.

  3. Gorgeous card, Susan. Also very sweet and needy dog. Scritches from me.

    Perfect timing on the need for Thank You cards... my bin overfloweth at the moment. They are coming your way.


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