Wednesday, January 29, 2020

When Your Muse Goes on Vacation

Sometimes, the beautiful inspiration we embrace dances us off in odd directions, and it's hard to face the results. That's how I feel about today's card, which was inspired by THIS LOVELY PIN. The delicacy and layers of the inspiration card are so feminine and soft. It's a gorgeous balancing act of layers and color and softness.

Because my supplies are completely different from the ones used in the inspiration piece, I spent a LOT of time fiddling with colors, layers (so many layers!), different stamps, different papers, oh my. I should have taken a picture of the mess.

My card ended up looking clunky and weird and unbalanced. And it took an embarrassingly long time to get to this sad point.


I'm just not happy with this. At all.

But I wanted to show it nevertheless. Because sometimes, after days of percolating ideas and making layer upon layer of pretty trash in service to a single card, it's time to start singing "Let It Go."

The song really helps. "Conceal don't feel." Not a good plan for any part of life, and how often do stamping bloggers share the failures, the mehs, the not-quite-rights, the REALITY of our wonderful hobby?

Not often. And with good reason. Some people won't read the post and will think, "Good heavens! What was Susan thinking!?!? She's lost it completely!" Others will try to tell me, "Oh, it's a great card! I love it!" Others might make snarky comments, which hurt...even when I agree with them.

But the truth is, we aren't perfect. We are crafters who learn as much from failure--perhaps more--as from success. We show our best work and conceal the rest.

That perfect girl is gone
Here I stand in the light of day
Let the storm rage on...

And I'll stamp again another day!

Because it's only paper. Sheesh. We don't have to take it so seriously.

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and slightly manic laughter,


  1. I can so relate to putting in all of that time and being less than satisfied with the results - sadly with me that's happened with a few quilts I've made. I do think your card is lovely but understand when it's not the vision we had - it is a bit of a disappointment. Thanks for sharing - it's nice to know we're not alone!

  2. Thank you for sharing your perceived "failure". Collage cards are beautiful but I've never attempted one for a variety of reasons. It really is just paper and other than time we've really lost nothing in the attempt. We are human and sometimes we fail. That's ok, tomorrow is another day. Liz

  3. Thank you for sharing this card with us. I can so identify with what you described. I frequently spend a long time trying to make a particular card and know that I will never send that card to anyone. But now I will practice singing the "Let It Go" refrain as I drop the card in the trash. Lucy

  4. Been there, done that." We are crafters who learn as much from failure--perhaps more--as from success. We show our best work and conceal the rest." Thank you for your transparency.

  5. Thank you for your honesty. remember most of your card are fantastic! It is nice to see that someone as talented as you struggles too!

  6. Great post! I too will now use Let it Go .... thanks, Susan! ~Pamela

  7. I don't say I like things when I don't, but I have to say I really DO like this card. A lot. I think you would be happier if the antennae were more delicate. I wonder if you could remove them (surgical scissors preferred, LOL) and stamp them or draw them in? I would use a deep gray, not black so as not to be garish.

  8. I was thinking also that the only thing I don't like about this card is the thick antennae. Otherwise, nice! I probably would pull up the wings a little bit, but, hey! I could live with it. On a side note, don't you LOVE those Alexandra Renke papers and dies? Lucky me -- there is a brick and mortar store a little over an hour away from me that sells these absolutely gorgeous items!

  9. I so identify with that "it's only a sheet of card" remark! So wonderful in later life to feel free to "screw up" and play!

  10. "Let It Go" is my sister's favorite song, for similar reasons. It made me laugh to read you quoting it. Reading your previous musings on "pretty trash" has helped me learn to be okay with recycling a card that I've put hours into but that just won't turn out, so thank you for yet again keeping it real.

    Honestly, I don't love the card, but it's not without its merits: I really like the blossoming branch on the butterfly's wing. The effect is substantially different enough from your inspiration piece that I actually had to go double-check the inspiration to see whether the wing-stamping was your idea or theirs. That bold color stands out against the solid white, instead of the soft floral faintness of the inspiration, but that makes yours feel evocative of exuberant springtime, when the buds on the trees burst into a riot of color.

  11. This is a very pretty card. I like the composition and the colors. But. It does seem heavy. I wonder if you would have used a lacy butterfly if maybe it would have worked.

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