Wednesday, January 1, 2020


Today's birthday card was brought to you through the inspiration of THIS PIN. I wanted to make a colorful version, for a teenage girl...and think I nailed it.

Hot pink and orange are such a high-energy color combination, and the handwritten font (StampinUp) works so well with this free and easy feel. The unusual layout makes me very happy because of the tension between the curvy, loose script and the bold, straight line of orange thread. So fun!

And of course, bling. Because everything is better with bling.

I hope you all had a safe and fun New Year's Eve. We received our perfect attendance award at our friends' formal New Year's Eve party: eight years running! It's always a fun time that includes great food, conversation, games, Fruit Ninja, and watching the ball drop in Times Square.

Blessings and stampy fun to you all in the new year!


PS I'm starting a new blog for those interested in reading the classics. It was inspired by Shakespeare 2020, but my plan involves more authors and a much easier reading schedule because, you know, reading 1,400+ pages of (let's face it) challenging literature in one year seems pretty daunting. Also, I'm never reading Titus Andronicus again. Sorry, Will.

I read a LOT all the time. But it's been years since I conversed with Shakespeare or Chaucer or Homer or Austen. The literary canon--those old books that are considered "great"--is neglected these days and shouldn't be. I want to replace some of the, ahem, less-well-written books I've been reading (yes, cozy mysteries, I'm talking to you!), with meatier fare. So if you'd like to level up your reading game and have a little fun along with me, check out The Canon Resurrected: Old Books, Modern Times. I'll be posting there shortly.


  1. I love this bright and cheery card -- I have several young women in my life who would love this! Plus, thanks for sending me to Shakespeare 2020, and I'm going to go look at your new blog! I could use some deep Shakespeare this year!

  2. A very fun card. I'm finding I have been choosing orange/coral in my cards more. I like your friend Carrie's chocolate chip bran muffin assessment of books.


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