Sunday, April 19, 2020


It's always fun to take a single idea and vary it. Some variations work out better than others, but an exercise in variation is always instructive.

Exhibit #1
This was the first card. My initial thought was that we would see the scene through a window, but it's doesn't quite work.

Stamps by Papertrey, colored with PrismaColor pencils

The Longfellow quote is intended to be background, so I didn't care that it was incomplete, but the preservation of "serenity" didn't mesh with the main sentiment of reading fast. Also, the left edge of the book really should stick out of the frame...there's just too little of it, and it looks accidentally cut off rather than intentional.

But I liked the concept and decided to play with it.

Exhibit #2
This card is for my younger son's birthday. He loves blue, bettas, and fish in general.

Sentiment by Gina K, fish by Hero Arts

In this variation, the frame serves only as a visual anchor for the fish and sentiment. It unifies and grounds. The fish filler stamp was inked with a Kaleidacolor ink pad for the spectrum effect. Jack will love that!

This card made me very happy!

Exhibit #3
So if a single big focal point image worked with the frame, how would a lot of little images work?

Stamps by Hero Arts

Hmm. The sentiment and butterfly leak out of the frame, which adds interest, but the concept doesn't quite work, does it?

No worries, really. All three are acceptable, with #2 reflecting (to my aesthetic) a home run.

Which do you like best?

I hope you're all doing well and staying healthy. We are hanging in there.

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,


  1. I like Betts too. I think the sentiment should be Best Fishes. 😉

  2. For the overall design, I agree, I think #2 works best, but there's something about #1 that intrigues me and piques my interest.

  3. I love your idea!
    First card - love the lightness of your card and the "glow" in the background - you could just use one of those script stamps instead of the quote (like the Papertrey text one from a couple of posts back), could move the book a little to the left. Would still be very happy to get it! Love books!
    Second card - Simply wonderful. Beautifully coloured fish.
    Third Card - I think this would work if you had kept the rectangle mask on and stamped the images over the edge so it would look more like a pattern - not all within the borders. Could keep the butterfly off the edge (don't know why, but I would have it facing into the rectangle), and I think a straight sentiment would have worked better.
    Love seeing the different takes. Still a joy to get your posts.

  4. Love the fish. Not a fan of #3. It is probably just a personal thing but I don't care for those colors. Perhaps you could try the first one on landscape base and put the read fast sentiment on the inside?
    I enjoy seeing your creations. I love the simplicity.

  5. My favorite is #2. Card #3 does not appear to me to have a focus...where should my eye go? Love the colors. I wonder if the design would be more pleasing restful if one color was used for all the images except for the sentiment (and perhaps the escaping butterfly).

    1. I agree. Not a strong focal point in #3, which is a big problem.

  6. I like them all but that blue fish does grab me! Good going! I was on a card making mission yesterday. Just took a stack to the mailbox. Too many church folks dealing with anxiety over being enclosed. The ones in Assisted Living facilities who are able to go to church, etc. are not enjoying life right now.

    1. My heart hurts for everyone who's living alone and who's in a care facility or hospital. So much loneliness!


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