Monday, April 6, 2020

You're Not Your Addiction to Craft Supplies

You're not alone.

This sentiment seems particularly appropriate right about now, don't you think? Some of us, in fact, are literally alone, hunkered down in quarantine without anyone else in our homes or hospital rooms. Some of us are not literally alone but wish we were because how-did-my-family-get-so-annoying-all-of-a-sudden-like-why-do-they-need-to-chew-and-breathe. Seriously!

But we aren't morally, spiritually, or metaphorically alone. We are all in this together, and that's how we will get through it.

The variety of shades--from light to bright--make this heart
look more dimensional than the pink/orange version.

Most of these shades are bright, so there's  less dimension
in these stamped images than in the blue-green version.
I need to remember that!

This card evolved from a disastrous middle-of-the-night, can't-sleep-so-thought-I'd-make-pretty-trash session at my craft table. Those two hours were useless, I thought, until the next morning, when I walked over to the disaster that was my craft desk.

Thought #1: You know, if I cut a heart out of a mask and stamped a bunch of little stamps in it, the image would reinforce the sentiment...we are all in this together with love! Yay! I'm brilliant!

Thought #2: [after making a one-layer card with this idea] Wow. It looks so flat and . . . flat. Ugh. Maybe some bling? Not very brilliant, are you, Susan?

Thought #3: Hey, that heart mask was made with Hero Arts Infinity dies. I could cut the heart out of the one-layer card with the die that made the mask, cut a next-size-up heart for a mat, and do some popping. Would that look better?

Thought #4: Yes. Yes, it does look better! I'm brilliant again and will make another one in a different color scheme with different little stamps because ohmygosh what a great use of Infinity Dies!

Thought #5: [orders two more sets of Hero Arts Infinity Dies because buying craft supplies is the answer to life, the universe, and everything]

And that's how a failed two-hour craft session leads to success.

May a bluebird sing metaphorically on your shoulder today as you wash your hands and don't touch your face.

Mercy, grace, peace, and infinity.


  1. well they both turned out lovely :) all the time and "mess" was worth it!! so glad it is just me and hubby at home during the quarantine

  2. Love it when a plan comes together! It's a wonderful way to use those tiny stamps.
    I especially love the blue one ... my favourite colours.

  3. Thought #5 is TRUTH! :) Love the wee bird in the blue one.
    Lu C

  4. I enjoy your blog posts as much as the projects themselves. These are lovely. I have been participating in a fair amount of retail therapy - 4 separate fabric orders to finally have all that I need to make a mystery quilt I'm following along on - heaven forbid I should use any of the fabric in my stash. I've also placed a few papercrafting orders - doing my part to keep small businesses going!

  5. Love these cards. Really made me want to 'have a go'!
    Thank you

  6. Sweet cards. Hero Arts Infinity Dies are my favorite.

  7. Really beautiful, Susan. Thanks for sharing.


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