Sunday, December 27, 2020

Back to Basics, Return to Roots, Focus on Foundations...Whatever

 After months of sporadic stamping--with uneven results--I found myself continuing to struggle with getting back into the stamping groove. I surfed Pinterest, took a stab at some inspired cards, threw the results in the trash, and walked away for a few days. I ordered a bunch of new stamps in November, but they didn't help.

I tried cleaning out my stash, only to realize that everything was already so very tidy and organized and purged that there really was no point. 

No. Point. 


So I decided to get back to basics. Paper and ink. Eleven years ago, I started a thread on Splitcoast Stampers. At the time, dies, Copics, and Prismacolor pencils with gamsol were everywhere. I tried to encourage people who didn't want to make cards that required lots of expensive supplies (and massive artistic talent)--cards that often ended up being thick as doorstops and impossible to mail--to follow their instincts and make simple cards...a counter-cultural impulse that received a ton of support and eventually ended up birthing this blog. 

Simplicity by LateBlossom. 

All three of today's cards embody that original impulse and get back to the root of who I am as a stamper.

Nothing but paper and ink. Not even bling. Lots of white space. 

The floral set is an ancient Papertrey set, new to me, called Flower Garden that I picked up for about $5. 

After shaking down my mojo with these three cards, I'm feeling ever so much better! 

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas despite our current very weird situation. Ours was certainly lovely, with a bit of snow even! I had no idea that our military years were training us to handle a very COVID Christmas, but we managed quite nicely. 

Singing Christmas hymns around the Advent wreath

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and kindness,



  1. I love your back-to-basics cards! And your ending, capsuling all I hope for: Mercy, grace, peace, love, and kindness.

  2. These are why I subscribed to your blog, simple but beautiful cards. Merry Christmas and many blessing in the New Year Liz

  3. And this is why I started following you years ago. Your clean and simple cards are the best. I love the white space.

  4. I don't remember HOW I found your blog, but I do remember WHY: simple, beautiful cards and uplifting words. They inspire me and make me smile. Thank you for all you do.

  5. What a lovely photo and setting!! When I found your blog a few years ago, I so appreciated the simplicity and elegance. I was in one of those "funks" at the time, and you & your cards gave me "permission" to stop all the many techniques I was doing & get back to the basics. It was exactly what I needed to pull myself up and go forth with a renewed spirit! So...thank you! On to much new to look forward to in a kinder and healthier year.

  6. Lovely to see you and I really like your cards. Thanks and Happy New Year.

  7. Back to basics is a good mojo breaker, for sure! And there's nothing wrong with basics, either. I started following you because of your simplicity (pun intended, haha!). You inspire me with every one of your posts <3


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