Thursday, December 31, 2020

Hello, 2021

As 2020 ends, I'm filled with gratitude...gratitude that we've not lost a loved one to this mess, that we have been gainfully employed, that we have great wifi. But my heart hurts, too, for all those who have lost loved ones or experienced the terrible long-term effects of the disease, for all those who have had other health problems and had to deal with a health-care system in crisis, for all those who struggle financially or who have to stay in dysfunctional, toxic homes. 

My heart hurts for those who have had to deal with injustice, hatred, violence, political division, and the ugliness of the world. 

I am always an optimist. I believe we will come through this changed and stronger...eventually. Right now, we're in it. And it sucks. 

Our hobby allows us to make pretty things. It's therapy, an escape, self-care, a way to show love. Take the time to make the world a better, more beautiful place. Take care of yourself and those you love. Take care of your neighbors, even if they voted for the "wrong" guy or look different. Do good. Do no harm. Stay in love. Say hello to 2021. 

We've got this. 

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and kindness,



  1. Beautiful - the card and your writing. Wishing a better new year for everyone.

  2. Well said, Susan, well said. Thanks for putting into words what I feel in my heart. Much love, Sherry

  3. Your words touched my heart. A perfect way to start 2021. Thank you for this and all your wonderful posts.

  4. Beautifully said...thank you. Interesting that turning one page on the calendar gives most of us so much hope!


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