Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Blocking Inspiration

 Sticking with the blocking concept from yesterday's card but using an inspiration piece this time...

Like yesterday's card, this card uses Simon Says Stamp's lovely Sending Sympathy set. The branch stamps in the set are so simple and perfect! I struggled with the arrangement for a while, let the card sit unfinished on my desk overnight, came back to it, and solved the puzzle in a few minutes.

When you get stuck, walking away for a time is often the easiest way forward!

The color combination was inspired by this pin. I had inks to match but ended up substituting a Sahara Sand heart in place of the Wet Cement ink.

My syllabus is updated for the spring semester. I will teach two sections of English Composition 2 online via Zoom. Comp 2 is my favorite on the composition classes because it goes deep into research methods and writing, and students tend to be more serious than in Comp 1 classes. 

Last semester taught me just how little we can cover in a Zoom class compared to a face-to-face class, and ultimately, I suspect the experience of teaching online will make me a much more efficient and effective instructor. Nevertheless, I long for the brick-and-mortar classroom. I miss people!!!!

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and kindness,



  1. Another stunning card! You are on a roll girl!
    Lu C

  2. I love the muted colors...something I don't often do. I agree with your theory......when stuck, walk away & come back later. It truly works well...but why? Fresh eyes?


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