Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Getting There...Eventually

So tell me if this sounds familiar. 

You see a stamp set. It's by a company you love. It's got the four words of Advent that you've been looking for for forever (they always leave out hope, for some reason). It's got an owl, fox, and bunny. It's got some tiny mushrooms and a stump. It's got some snowflakes. But most importantly, it's got a TREE...and you just can't say no to trees of any sort. Bonus: the images are block stamps so no coloring. 

Everything about this set screamed "BUY ME!"

So I did. 

And then I proceeded to make a bunch of pretty trash with it. 


In a fit of pique, I die cut a circle from a trash panel. Then another. 

And after ruining a whole bunch of paper and wasting a whole bunch of ink....

Be still, my heart. 

This card makes me so happy. And so grateful to have discovered the European stampers who taught me to play with circles. 

The set is Winter Tree and Animals from Hero Arts. The sentiment is an old Gina K stamp, I think. And this will be this year's birthday card for my hipster son who wears plaid flannel, suspenders, and a beanie. He's the young fox, and I'm the wise old owl he never listens to. 

He's going to love it!

Peace, love, joy, and HOPE, 



  1. Such a cute and simple card. I like the simplicity of your cards.
    Was just wondering what size circle you used.
    Thank U.
    Today is a Good Day to have a Good day so enjoy it & embrace it.

  2. I'm not sure which I enjoyed more...your narrative of your stamping adventure or the actual card!! Both are great... I've never used circles...and I like them!

  3. ha ha ha ha to the hipster and owl part! Love the design.

  4. When I saw this card I was rather surprised that there wasn't an acknowledgement to the person you CASED as I knew I had seen it before...and I honestly thought...I am sure Susan has made this card before (or very similar) so off I went on a search...and yep...Jan. 13 you posted this card which I liked then and I like it even more with the understanding of the son and mother relationship!
    Please don't take this comment as a negative. Recently I made what I called a "left-handers" card, the design was a one-way design and I managed to put it on the card front so that the card opened the wrong direction on the horizontal. Life is busy but life is good! Happy Friday and please keep stamping! --Faye

  5. such a restful card. it makes me happy!!!


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