Saturday, February 20, 2021

Mixed Feelings

So things have been pretty bad for many, many people in the past two weeks. Between the normal tragedies of life to pandemic, weather, and infrastructure failures, people are struggling all over this world. I'm gonna call it like I see it right now, and send this card out to all who need their feeling of frustration, anger, hurt, or grief validated. I see you. 

This sucks. I am so sorry. 

But I am also so very grateful for the outpouring of cards for Karen's Card Shop. Over 160 beautiful cards have already come in from Beverly, Sue, Paula, Carol, Cheryl, Pat, and June. 

The second batch...

June had already put her donations in cello bags with envelopes, so I packaged up the rest and sorted them today. Wow. 

Just wow. 

I am truly overwhelmed and deeply appreciate each of these cards. They will be put in stock Monday, and I know they will sell like hotcakes. Stampers are the best people!

Blessings to everyone who is struggling and to everyone who is giving to the hurting world right now. 

From an overflowing heart,



  1. Thank you.
    Will you be posting your Lenten thoughts on Transforming Common Days?

      Here you go, Christine. Thanks for the holy prod.

  2. love this card. just noticed the textured background. yes incredibly tough times. i think i am just beginning to realize how soft and spoiled I've been. Hitting reality has its upside but mainly you are right, it just sucks. HUGS


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