Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Bold Blue and Commitment

Today's card was inspired by THIS GORGEOUS PIN. My version evolved over several hours and failed attempts at paper tearing and faux watercolor stamping into this crisp, bold, and high contrast version. My skills are definitely rusty, but I happily persevered and got there in the end!

The card is 7.25 x 3.5 inches.

It took a shocking length of time to find a sentiment that fit here. I wanted to make a birthday card but not one sentiment in my extensive stash worked. Which reminded me of a Murphy's Law of stamping: You will NEVER have enough sentiments. Never. Ever. 


In my last few posts, I've shared a bit of my mental health struggles over the past year or so, but now it's time to share a huge positive on the physical health front. 

Before last July, I could barely climb a flight of stairs without feeling winded. My feet hurt from plantar fasciitis, my joints hurt, and I could no longer carry a 40 pound bag of water softener salt to the basement. I was taking two different heartburn medications and still popping Tums like candy. My average resting heart rate was 72, and my blood pressure, though normal, was creeping up. I was chubby, had a very unhealthy diet, and did almost no exercise. Who am I kidding? I did NO exercise. 

I needed to eat healthier foods, get fit, and hurt less. But I had no idea how to get there.

Last July, I visited my family in Maryland. My sister had lost 45 pounds and looked amazing. She moved more easily and felt better than she had in years. That inspired me to start Noom, a weight loss app that has changed my life in some very encouraging ways. (Note: Noom is NOT sponsoring this post. I'm just sharing my experience.)

Noom taught me lifestyle changes that are permanent. You learn to customize a healthy lifestyle that you can live with forever. Diets work on deprivation, but that's not a long-term solution. Instead, Noom teaches you to exercise common sense by identifying thought distortions (like portion distortion or food "rewards") that get in the way of health. 

Here's a specific example. My son loves Cheetos. When I would see the bag, I would think, "I'll just have one handful. I deserve a handful of that orange crack!" Which would lead to two, three, four handfuls, and then I'd feel gross. Now, when I see the bag, I think, "Those make me feel gross." And I don't want them anymore. The same has happened with mochas and other high-calorie drinks. Black coffee and a Hershey's kiss satisfy much better and leave me feeling better, too!

Because I'm not giving up my three favorite things--coffee, chocolate, and wine--altogether. Let's not get crazy. Now, however, I weigh my wine so I can accurately record the calories in the app. Two ounces of wine isn't much but, sipped slowly, tastes heavenly. 

Best of all, although Noom doesn't have a guide for exercise, it does encourage movement. The more you exercise and record your workouts in the app, the higher your calorie budget for the day. I found this HIGHLY motivational! As someone whose hobbies (reading, writing, stamping) are almost entirely sedentary, getting into a regular workout routine has given me more energy, made me stronger, and reduced my pain.  

I lost 35 pounds in five months and have easily kept it off for five months. My resting heart rate went from 72 to 60. My plantar fasciitis is gone. I exercise almost every single day and feel so much stronger and more flexible. I can heft the water softener salt bags easily or squat down at the grocery store to get items off the bottom shelf and pop back up despite two bum knees thanks to Peloton yoga and my rowing machine. 

Bottom line: committing to a healthier lifestyle is one of the best ways to take care of yourself. And you'll feel better for it. 



And no, I didn't finish that whole glass of wine. I'm 55 and still teachable. 😊

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,



  1. Again...another WOW! First the card...reminds me of a similar card you made several years ago when I first found your blog. I was having those mojo issues and seeing your lovely simple but elegant card gave me "permission" to make more clean & simple cards. I felt so relieved & enthused. Congrats on finding a health plan that works for you! I've certainly seen enough ads about it...but really never looked into it. I'm a WW Lifetime member & that has worked for me & kept my head in the game...as they say. But my daughter has weight issues, so I will check Noom after your great write up... Thanks for sharing your journey...you just never know who you might help!

    1. That's the only reason for sharing, Marilyn. And congrats to you on WW. Whatever works--and is healthy--is right!

  2. What a super result! Well done and a very interesting post.
    Thanks for sharing.


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