Sunday, January 1, 2023

One Set, Two Cards, and a Giveaway

So, one of my bigger purchases in the past few months has been Simon Says Stamp Pawsitively Saturated Inks. I bought three colors back in July to test them and posted about them here and here. I adore monochrome cards, as you know, and these inks will make that easier. 

Today's cards combine the graduated colors with SSS Jubilee Sentiments set. These graduated flowers were made to work with the inks...and work they do...beautifully.

The pink card was inspired by various layouts from Pinterest, and the orange card is a very ordinary, old-fashioned layout (one of my favorites!). It uses some fun giant sequins, also from SSS.

And now for the giveaway. When I first ordered the inks, I didn't think I would need all the colors. Once I had my chosen ones, I figured that while I might not need them, I wanted them. Unfortunately, I mistakenly ordered three pads that I already had. 

So I'm going to give the new-in-wrapper pads away to one random person who comments by sharing one gift you received for Christmas on this blog post or on the Facebook post before midnight EST on Friday, Jan. 6, 2023. 

The giveaway is open to anyone with a U.S. mailing address. If you want to comment but want to be EXCLUDED from the give away...some of you may want to share but not be in the U.S. or may already have the inks...or perhaps more inks than you can handle. Sort of like I do, now. Please share one of your gifts anyway!

I'll go first. My husband, who knows me so well after 36 years of marriage, got me a pilgrim cross pendant that dates from between 7th-10th centuries. This period of history is one of my favorites, and to have an actual pilgrim cross (refurbished) that may have gone to the Holy Land or Rome from someplace in Europe over a thousand years ago just thrills me no end. 

So tell me what you got!

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,



  1. I got a new kitchen faucet. Seriously! You are looking good!

    1. Interestingly, my mom wanted a new kitchen faucet for Christmas but the old faucet didn't cooperate and gave out over Thanksgiving.

  2. Susan, what Edie said: You are looking good. I received 15 Copic markers from my hubby to fill in some of the holes in my collection. He used my Copic list to make sure to not purchase what I had. Happiness!

  3. Love the new cards!! Never have tried SSS inks...which would be fun! But what if I love them...then I'd
    have to buy more....hmmm... LOL! I received nothing as special as your cross for Christmas...but did receive several Glimmer plates that had been on my list. Now to use them!!

  4. My crafty gift is a small guillotine cutter. I have to remember to tell my friends not to talk to me when I am using it since a fellow teacher cut her finger tip off when cutting and interrupted by a student! You are looking chipper - keep on doing what you are doing unless it is talking when you shouldn't. Happy New Year!

  5. No crafty gift, but got gift cards to my 2 favorite places...Starbucks and Aldi!!

  6. Now that my kids have grown (and no grandkids as of yet), we really don't purchase tangible gifts any longer and go the route of experiences. This year we decided to go to Disneyland and see it decorated in all it's glory. It was beautiful and created many memories. Thanks for the chance to win; I'm very curious about the SSS saturated inks!

  7. My favorite gift was pictures of the grandkids. I've so enjoyed the blog. I've been going back reading your old posts and I'm currently in 2014.

  8. What a special gift from your hubby! Your happy smile says it all! Thanks for sharing your awesome gift with us and also the incentive for us to share our gifts. I'd be delighted to try the SSS inks!! My Christmas gift was also from my hubby. We've had some interesting 'end-of-the-year' challenges, and along with the shorter days, I've been feeling blue. I started reading this book that he gave me for Christmas, and it instantly made me smile and laugh, It transported me to such fun places that we have visited in past holidays. Finished it last night and still smiling! :)

  9. Happy New Year!
    Such a thoughtful gift from your husband!
    No crafty gifts for me but I got a pair of hiking poles for Christmas. Now I need to use them...
    Priya Venkat

  10. How very sweet of your husband to give you such a thoughtful gift! My son and daughter-in-law gave me a blanket with all of our grandchildren's names (in hearts) and the quote "Grandchildren fill a place in your heart you didn't know was empty". I will treasure it, as I treasure each of our grandchildren!

  11. It is wonderful to have a husband who can gift you something that you will cherish. We don't celebrate Christmas with gifts yet each December since 2002 I have received a package from my late step-dad's wife (who isn't my mother, long story) containing something personal of his that he either made or belonged to him. This year it was a desk clock of wood which he had made. I love the color purple, can a person have too many inks in purple? You have the best giveaways!


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