Thursday, January 5, 2023

When Old and New Play Together Perfectly

My spending spree over the last few months included several (ahem) embossing folders such as the one used on today's card. I pulled out the old A Wreath for All Seasons set from Papertrey, and this is the result.

The embossing folder has an empty circle surrounded by a snow burst. The wreath fits perfectly!

This 4.25" square card is part of my birthday planning for 2023. I've made cards for everyone on my list who has birthdays through April. May is a big month in my family/friend group, so that will take a while!

It's been a bit of a rough week, and I'm looking forward to choosing a winner Saturday morning for the give-away! Don't forget to comment on THIS POST for a chance to win.

And for today, I have a crafty question. Do you usually stick with new product for your stamping, or do you mix and match old and new? Do you get tired of old stuff, or get excited about finding new ways to use the old stuff to make it "new" again? I guess that's two questions, but I'm curious.

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,



  1. Hi, Susan. I love to mix old and new products. Finding new combinations makes everything feel new again! It sure makes it difficult to weed out unloved stamps though.

  2. This is just lovely Susan. I need to find a Papertrey stockist here in the UK as I now have to have that wreath.... and the embossing folder which is just perfect for lovely cards!
    I do try and mix old and new but confess that sometimes I get bored with the old stuff!
    Sorry you've had a bad week - hoping for better times to come. x

  3. Ha! I have so many unused “old” that I use them as new! 😀. Love your card

  4. Lovely card...that wreath is really special! I just went through my stamp collection over a period of days, weeding out some, but more importantly, finding stamps I'd forgotten about! One was a House Mouse sitting on a pile of golf tees...too cute! AND my golfing friend was having a I made a fun card, coloring the mound of tees! She loved it and so did I. Forgotten what a great impression the old red rubber stamps make. Definitely using old with the new...very energizing in a weird way!

  5. I buy stamps and dies after much deliberation. So I use them a lot, often in combination with the new purchases.
    Sorry you've had a rough week.

  6. Oooh love the card!!! Love a wreath!! Sorry it was a rough week. I hope the good weeks come soon. I love to mix old and new. I do love the fun of getting new stuff, but there is SO MUCH new stuff coming out every day that I find myself waiting, thinking that tomorrow might bring something better! That's a good thing for the budget!


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