Saturday, January 28, 2023

Warm Wishes on a Cold Day

First off, I want to thank Cheryl and Eddie for their lovely donations to Karen's Card Shop. Y'all are awesome!

Second, today's card uses one of my favorite techniques for solid image stamps: color with markers, spritz with water, and stamp. I cut the focal point using a die set gifted to me by my friend Eva, and the frond behind the stitched rectangle is from Penny Black. The flower stamp is Hero Arts and the sentiment is from Simon Says.

This card may have been inspired by a card on Pinterest, but I made it so long ago, I can't remember. 

And third, my radiation treatments are finished. My boob is still very angry about what was done to it, red and painful, but generally, my mood is improved. I vacillate between feeling quite justified in her punishment for trying to kill me and guilt over victim blaming. The poor girl didn't ask for cancer, did she? 

Next step in treatment is starting at the end of next week...leprozole to suppress estrogen and progesterone. I'll take that for five to seven years, as well as a drug to keep my bones strong since leprozole leaches calcium from bones. Yee-ha. 

My hair is growing back but still not quite a pixie. I can see quite clearly what my hairdresser means when she says my hair growth pattern is "irregular." Swirls, cowlicks, and weirdness abound. 

Fatigue is the main problem now. For example, I just today got all my Christmas decorations put away. And I wanted to take a nap. I puttered around my craft space instead, and that was useful. And fun.

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,



  1. This is a delight card! I also like that old technique of coloring on the stamp, spritzing & stamping. I often do this on envelopes, but repeat the process a couple of times, so each stamping is fainter.. Looks so artsy to me...but that's a low bar for me LOL! Think this goes back to Stamp-in-the-hand days.... Glad to see your humor hasn't is so helpful! Sounds like the worse is behind you...wishing you all things positive in this new year.

  2. Very pretty card hadn't heard of this technique so thanks for sharing.
    FYI. I still have decs lying around, hope to clear them by Feb 1st...... Hoping.....

  3. I have followed you for years and hadn't seen you in awhile. I lived in Fairborn for several years when I was stationed at WPAFB. I had no idea you were struggling with cancer. It sounds like you might have an upper hand on it and I hope you do. Don't be too hard on your didn't mean it!! LOL

    1. Yes, the outlook is good. We caught it early and treated it aggressively. Hugs!

  4. Yay! Glad my cards made it. I meant to email you, but never got around to it. Happy your radiation is done, and hope the next round (drugs) is uneventful but does the job!! As for fatigue, you've earned a nap or two when you need it! Take care, and look forward to your next card post!

  5. Susan, I just thought of you the other day out of the blue. I'm so sorry to hear you are going through this experience. Thankful it sounds like thi gs are well underway for recovery. Your work as always is gorgeous. I'm sorry I lost track of you with life happenings. Best wishes and hugs for complete healing. Let naptime be your friend.

  6. One of my favourite techniques too. Love your colours and the addition of the soft white frond behind.
    I wish you courage and patience as you continue with your treatment. Be gentle with yourself.


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