Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Do You Have Favorites?

Many, many thanks to Eddie for the fabulous box of cards that arrived today for Karen's Card Shop. Stampers are the best, and Eddie has contributed so many cards for the shop! 

Now, on to stamping by way of books. As a lifelong and very vocal reader, I am often asked, "What's your favorite book?" That's like asking me which of my sons is my favorite...and thus the question is unanswerable. I don't have A favorite, but I do have a whole LIST of favorites, though, in no particular ranking.

When it comes to stamps, my tastes change, or I use a set to death and get bored, or I run out of ideas. Surely you know the feeling? But a few sets have withstood the test of time, and today's set--A Wreath for All Seasons by Papertrey Ink--is one of them for me. It's definitely on my list of favorites. 

It's not a terribly versatile set as far as design goes, but there are so many techniques you can use to make these stamps wreath your heart with joy!

The card uses Simon Says Stamp inks (honey and the warm grays) and incorporates a berry stamp from Simon Says and a tiny circle for the center of the flowers. The results are sweet, summery, and oh so pretty!

And on to life....

Computer gremlins have been messing with me. First, I can't comment on my own blog on my iPad, which explains the delay in replying to your comments on my recent posts. I caught up this afternoon on my computer and want you to know how incredibly honored I am that anyone takes the time to comment on blogs still. Second, I've not been receiving Simplicity emails from follow.it and suspect some of you may not be either. Not sure what's going on there, but I'm investigating. 

Third, my printer...can we digress a moment on that special place in hell for designers of printers? Seriously, I'm not a violent person, but our last HP printer almost had the crap beaten out of it BY ME with a baseball bat AFTER I spent three hours on the phone with HP support, only to be told my printer, which was four years old, was obsolete. My husband intervened on its behalf, but when I dropped that %$#&* into our trash bin, it was with force, I tell you! 

The sound of crunching plastic...so satisfying.

Anyway, back to my third point. George can't get his work-from-home printer to work at home at all, and my printer prints only when the spirit moves it. The spirit wasn't moving yesterday when George needed to print a document. Sometimes, when his computer won't work with my printer, mine will. So I went to my computer to print his document, which he emailed to me, but my computer updated and rebooted yesterday, and for some reason, Outlook wouldn't work. It said it was "NEW!" and asked for passwords I haven't used in years...and then would not accept them. 

Now, after 20 minutes of trying to get Outlook working, and maybe but not definitely swearing and slamming of hands on a desk, George came in and very gently suggested that he could email the document and perhaps it was wine o'clock and time to Wordle.  

I love him. 

So today, I worked myself into a really good mood and decided to try to fix Outlook. First off, I restarted the computer...and magically, everything works now. No problems at all. 

And that's life in a nutshell. 

And now back to our topic of favorites. Do you have a few sets you love immoderately and have loved for a long time? Care to share?

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,


  1. Lovely card. Funny how turning it off and back on fixes things! That ole reboot does come in handy 😊


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