Monday, June 10, 2024

Sympathy Cards

Long-time readers know that my church has a card shop, and many of you have contributed over the years. If you want to make cards or have a stash of cards you would like to donate to Karen’s Card Shop, we are happy to take them!

Right now, we urgently need sympathy and get well cards, so if you feel inspired to help, I’ll be happy to send you my address! 

I’ve been making sympathy cards since I got home last week, and here are a couple I particularly love!

Back in the day, I bought from only three companies: Hero Arts, Papertrey Ink, and StampinUp. These stamps from Papertrey (Through the Trees) is at least 15 or so years old, but the design is timeless. 

I heat embossed the birch trees in white and used distress inks to shade the images. I also inked some plain card stock for the background squares. The asymmetry of the design and the hard edges and corners mimic how it feels to grieve, when life feels broken. The serene center, with a hint of light on the horizon, offers hope. 

At least that’s how I intended it. Whether someone else sees that is up for grabs. 

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,



  1. Love the asymmetry and hard edges contrasting with that serene center. Also love how just a change in color can make very different cards.

    1. Thanks, Pat. I love experimenting with color. It can make such a difference.


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