Wednesday, June 12, 2024

The Doggos and Butterfly

The dogs had me laughing this morning. For those who may be new, let me introduce our two English cream golden retrievers.

Cooper, age almost seven, aka 
The Goodest Boy

Lily, age 3, aka Mazikeen the Demon

This morning, Cooper came over to me and rolled over for belly rubs. I obliged. Lily, who was sleeping nearby, woke up and decided that Cooper shouldn’t be getting rubs when she was getting nothing. She came over to me and made a bid for my attention. I kept one hand on Cooper and scratched Lily with the other. But she realized what she really wanted was Cooper’s attention, so she rolled over right next to him and wriggled. I got the shot. Then she jumped up and bit his face. 

Lily is sweet as can be to people, but poor Cooper puts up with a lot. Bless his heart.

 Today’s card reinforces my request for Karen’s Card Shop. We are almost out of sympathy and get well cards. I’m doing my best, but not everyone likes my CAS style. A variety of cards boosts overall sales.

Butterfly cards do well at First United Methodist Church of Springboro because Karen Wenzel, after whom the shop is named, loved butterflies immoderately. Her best friend in the church, Anna, is on the worship committee and makes sure there is ALWAYS a butterfly somewhere near the altar. Karen was a Stephen Minister, and after she died, our Stephen Ministry group donated banners to hang on either side of the altar…with butterflies. They hang during regular time, which is right now, and so I’ll get a picture of them soon. 

Karen sent cards and postcards all the time. As I’ve commented before, she made sure my birthday card made it in the mail before she was transported to the James Cancer Center, where she passed away the next day. 

She would have loved this monochromatic blue beauty. 

The ink is Simon Says Stamp Pawsitively Saturated night…a new color in the line. The photo makes it look a bit darker than it is in real life, but it IS dark. Like night. 

Well, obviously.

Anyway, if you feel like donating cards (especially sympathy and get well!) to Karen’s Card Shop, we’d be grateful. Just email me at susanraihala at iCloud dot com. Remember that we prefer A2 size cards, for which I provide envelopes and cello bags to protect them. Please do NOT put any sentiments inside the cards as buyers cannot open and read the cards because they are in cello bags.

Here’s an older picture of our card shop (I’ve updated the labels and signs since it was taken) with Pastor Joe and young Will, the son of one of our biggest customers. Will is now much taller, and Joe is balder.

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,


  1. Beautiful card and great pic of your pastor and his son next to Karen's shop! I even see some of my cards there! I'm sure I have some butterfly ones to send to you. Same address?

    We have two rescue pups about the same size, one male and one female. Our girl isn't afraid to correct our boy with a bite to his face even though he's roughly 20% bigger and stronger. She's a take charge kind of pup.

    1. Yes, same address, Pat! Those girl pups can be feisty!


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