Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Lesson in Less-Is-More, and a True Confession

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I stamped an all-over random background, completely forgetting that this sort of eliminates white space. Duh. My beloved white space, where are you? Teeny, tiny lily, how overshadowed by hoppy toads you are! I'm sorry, darling. You are beautiful and deserve to shine.

It may be hard to tell in the photo, but I used four different shades of blue/green and then the lime. Was I on drugs? No. But I think I lost myself somewhere along the way, perhaps when I added the emerald-inked frogs, but maybe sooner than that.

When I finished, I kept staring at this busy, busy card, blinking my watering eyes hard. Maybe it's not so bad, I thought.

Then I found myself again and made this:

These froggies can BREATHE! I'm going to make a whole set of this three-frog cards in different colors: one color per card. Who knows? Maybe I'll draw a box around them. But probably not. Less is more. Right? Let's hope (or should I say HOP) I learned my lesson.

And now it's time for true confessions. I've had this set almost since it was released, oh, FOREVER ago, and it wasn't until I made these cards last week that it dawned on me that the tiny three-dot stamp in the set FITS IN THE THREE DOTS ON THE FROG!!!! Because I am an idiot.

The end.

stamps: PTI Pond Life
ink: VersaColor
paper: PTI white, SU taken with teal
accessories: MS scalloped circle punch, circle punch, dimensionals, rhinestone


  1. Lol, definitely prefer the second card! Ive looked at this PTI set before and havent bought it because i needed more inspiration for uses, your card is just brilliant. I just dont know how you do it : )
    love emma xxx

  2. You are quite right, less is more. I love froggies and the second card is a stunner, first is good but not your usual simple, elegant style xx

  3. I would have done the first card, but I like your second card better. And while we're talking True Confessions: I HAVE THIS SET! Ack! I keep forgetting, too. I must go play. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I just love the 2nd one -- as you say, in the 1st one the poor little lily gets overshadowed by all the business :o(

    By the way, loved your *teachers' gift sets* from yesterday as well ~ they were perfect!!

  5. actually love both...1st card with its activity leads to a restful 2nd card where life is again in order!!!!!
    Whenever I have those 'I'm an idiot moments (and there are many) I'm just grateful (usually) no one is around!!!
    patti moffett

  6. are too funny! I actually think they are both wonderful! You, my dear, are far from an idiot! Hugs...

  7. The second card is your usual genius, but I'm not ashamed to say that I like the first one, too.

    I love images of frogs, but the actual animals less so.

  8. the first one is a little busy.
    the second is very cute, simple.
    isn't it nice when the lights finally come on?!

  9. You're so funny, Susan! You are most certainly NOT an idiot. I love both your frog cards!

  10. hehehehe, it's true, you're not the only idiot ... until I read your post, I had not made that connection eiter....hehehe - slapped myself on the forhead and ran to take a look!! So don't feel too bad because it isn't just you!!! LOL!!! Thanks for the great chuckle this morning!!

  11. And we all lived happily ever after.

    How cute are these cards?!

  12. Oh Yoda,

    You have taught us well Master. "You must unlearn what you have learned. Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will..." (Quote from Yoda - Star Wars)LOL
    I had to write it. Don't take us down the "busy" roads Master Yoda. It's taken us this long to learn the CAS way!!! :)

  13. So I'm glad I'd finished my tea when I read the part about the little dots matching the frog dots... otherwise I'm not sure what would have happened to my laptop! :P
    I like the bg of the first card, but overall, it doesn't quite have the usual jaw-dropping effect. The second one does!

  14. I am forever in love with your simple cards!!! :)

    I do enjoy the first card, but the second one is PHENOMENAL! I wish I had the set! :) I just assumed you colored in the dots on the second card, but I have never seen the set, either!!

  15. julie ann says it best!
    "i am forever in love with your simple cards!!"
    me too!

  16. I LOVE all the colorful frogs but then I am not as CAS as you are!! I'd have skipped the lily and made the sentiment across the whole card front rimmed in turquoise - See, case in point, I am not CAS enough!!

  17. I can see why they made the dots stamp separate. Leaving the dots white on the frogs keeps them CAS:)
    Before scrolling down to the second card, I kept thinking, "This is nice, but it's not Susan." The second one brought you back!

  18. love the froggy background! lovely cards!

  19. LOL!!! You are so funny! Love your blog, look forward to it every day!!!! Thank you for sharing yourself with me! : )

    Love the 2nd card much more than the 1st...I've done that too and boy, does it feel good to get back on track again! lol! Happy Sunday!!!

  20. Susan, you crack me up! I love to hear what you are thinking when you make your cards! Glad to know someone else often feels like I do!

    Yes, the white space really makes an image stand out, doesn't it? Love the three frogs! I like your idea of doing more sets in other colors! TFS!

  21. Yep. You're right. Less is so much more!

  22. Oh the 2nd card is nice..glad the frogs got the monkey business out of their way and decide to leave some white space to breathe...
    super OLW cards, planning on doing mine soon....

  23. Love the three froggies....and the dots!

  24. I thought this post was great, thanks for sharing.

  25. The dots? This is the second day I ponder them. I've never upended a frog to see what might be there. And what designer would put plumbing there, if that's what it is. What else could it be? Am I the only one who doesn't know why the 3 dots? Does every set of stamps have a useless one or two so the description sounds like you're getting many stamps for your money? Oh the trials of being a cynic! Oh the vexations of stamping! I must find out what those 3 dots are for. PLEASE!

  26. Bahb,

    I just wrote my Lost summation, and you're just like George. Gotta know the answers! The dots are just decoration. Think about those pretty poisoned dart frogs in bright colors with black spots, just stylized and simplified. And there must be three dots because three is the magic number in take three to make a triangle, which creates harmony and stability in the design.

    Hope that helps!

  27. I like the theory of the first card but maybe the colours are little too strong. The second card is 'spot' on! Hev:)

  28. Those dots are decoration? Hmmm, guess I don't know frogs, will have to pay more attention. Hmmm, well then, those dots are a "faux embellishment" I need right now for a WOLC due in just a few hours. :-)


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