Sunday, May 30, 2010

Christmas Thank You Cards

The very sweet girlgeek101 sent me a package of goodies a while back, and I've spent a lot of time admiring the supplies, deciding just what to do with them. She included a few lovely textured cards with coordinating red envelopes. They begged to be made into Chistmas thank you cards.

Honestly, PTI's Signature Christmas and Signature Greetings sets, which combine type with Dawn McVey's incredibly pretty handwriting, are go-to sets in my stamp collection. They are so easy to work with in a CAS format! I used the border stamp from Peaceful Poinsettia, and then a touch of gold stickles was all these cards needed to kick them up a notch.

And now on to other business....

The drawing for the four give-aways in the OLW challenges will take place in the morning after OLW6 closes at 6:30 eastern time. Many, many thanks to all of you who have played along with these challenges. I had no idea that so many stampers would post and have so much fun. Just goes to show I don't know diddly.

As for my craft room clean-up, things have stalled since the ribbon purge. Honestly, I filled a gallon ziploc baggie full of ribbon to donate to our church preschool, and it was soooo satisfying! But now I'm wondering what to do next. Don't worry. Something will occur to me. Eventually.

Some of the lots of stamps I'm selling are still available. Please check this post for information.

Finally, it's Memorial Day in the United States, the holiday when we cook out on the grill, have picnics and parties, and get out of school and work. (Well, some of us do.) No matter what you do today, please remember the sacrifice of the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines who gave their lives for our freedom.


  1. Beautiful card! Great idea to make a stamped border!

  2. Love this card too the sentiment stamp is perfect!

  3. Great card....Christmas cards, thank you or otherwise, wouldn't have crossed my mind. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. What a great feeling to have a Christmas card made in MAY!!! (As long as you know where it is in December when you need it!). Your card, is lovely - that red pops on the white! Does the geek girl need my mailing!

  5. A super thank you card - I love Dawn's handwriting too! If only my handwriting was that pretty *sigh*
    Happy Memorial Day - I love your picture, definitely true in my book!

  6. I think your blog is becoming a very popular spot to visit...more and more entries every week. Thanks for all the inspiration you provide....along with all the laughs!! Happy Memorial Day.

  7. Great card... and great cartoon panel, too.

  8. My favorite veteran, my Dad who is 92, is still with us and going strong! I'm so grateful he came home from that Normandy invasion in one piece and that I'm so blessed to have him and the sister that was born after the war.

  9. A wonderful Christmas thank you card! Just beautiful!

    I love the cartoon - it's perfect.

  10. Love the stamped border to the side-classy. tfs

  11. I like the gold stickles in the centre of the flowers. Hope you are still enjoying having purged a little, it always feels good around here.


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