Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Halloween Week: Day 3...Plus an Announcement You Don't Want to Miss

Today's card is destined for my nephew Grady, who is a round, roly-poly almost three-year-old.

Here's Grady just a few weeks ago.

Can you see the resemblance?

This is the same kid whom I asked you to pray for a few years ago when he was born prematurely. Remember when he looked like this?

Amazing what almost three years can do to a little human, eh?

As for the card, it's pretty self-explanatory. The jack-o'-lantern stamp is from A Muse, a set I bought before they went direct sales, but it's in the catalog, too. The punch is Fiskar's. I used pumpkin pie for the pumpkin (that's seems obvious, doesn't it?), old olive for the leaf, and artichoke for the stem. The sentiment is from Hero Arts October clear set.

The last time I sent a card to Grady, he carried it around for a few days without destroying it. I can't imagine a higher compliment from a toddler, can you?


One-Layer Wednesday is BACK!!!! As of Wednesday sometime (whenever Jennifer gets her post up), the OLW will be ON!!!!!!!!!



Was that enough bold shouting and exclamation points for you? Sometimes it's so much fun to be egregious.


  1. Perfectly cute, and perfect for Grady! I would imagine you are one fun aunt, too. :)

  2. Yes, the pumpkin card is a perfect one for that cute little rolly polly kid!! Yeah for OLW!!! I was just wondering ....

  3. I remember Grady! He sure looks healthy & happy now. Makes you just want to squeeze him. He looks a little impish, too......could that be the case? He'll love his very cute roly-poly pumpkin card.

  4. Sue,

    Yes, he is an imp. Especially when he threw my blackberry across the kitchen. YIKES! I need to figure out how to put a video on blogs because my sister sent me one of him laughing. He has the best laugh I've ever heard on a toddler. Sounds like an old man evil belly laugh. Hysterical.

  5. Susan, I can't believe how much Grady looks like my youngest grandson, Braden. Picture him with bed-head hair, and then check out my avatar on SCS! He's adorable, and so is your card.

    Resemblance? Impish? Definitely! Roly-poly? No way!

  6. LOL, Linda. I guess it's the cheeks that make me think he's roly poly. Plus, he's got wayyyyy more flesh than his big brother and sister ever had. They were so skinny just like my sister. My babies were the roly poly ones.

  7. Beautifully simple card. HOORAY! OLW!!!!!

  8. He looks so cute....feel like cuddling him...lol. Love your card and looking forward to the challenges.

  9. Oh, is he adorable or what???! Love kids with fat cheeks. So kissable. Made me smile to read that he carried your card around for so long. Oh, yeah, cute card, too.

  10. Such a cute little guy - Grady has certainly grown up into a lovely little boy - he'll adore this card!!

    So great to have OLW back - I've missed it!! Love the theme for this week :)

  11. Great to see prayer answered...he's a lovely boy....as for the cards...yes, you do them well but I am missing real cards LOL!! No Halloween for me as you know so I dearly wish your 5 day Halloween extravaganza was over!!Roll on next week!!

  12. Sorry you're not having fun, Joyce! I will be posting a One-Layer Wednesday card later today, if that helps at all!

  13. Oh YAY!!! So happy OLW is back. If it wasn't [for your daily blog] I might have gone through withdrawal not getting to play on Wednesdays. Off to play!

    Karen & I were JUST talking about you all coming back and how we missed the challenge! Shoot she has already uploaded her card-- sheesh :) Not too quick there~

  14. Susan, I was talking about Grady's resemblance to YOU! LOL


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