Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One-Layer Wednesday #66: Get Inspired by Janelle

This week's One-Layer Wednesday Challenge is to get inspired by blogger Janelle!

This is an easy one, folks!

Janelle and her blog came to my attention a few months ago. She lives in my hometown, not far from the very house in which I lived, so I feel like she's family. We Southerners are that way, you know. Shortly after I added her blog to my reader, however, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Now, in addition to being a source of inspiration through her crafting, she's become an inspiration for how she lives her life and faces this challenge as well.

This week's challenge is to poke around her blog and find inspiration however you wish. She includes photos from her life as well as her crafting, so absolutely everything on her blog is fair game for inspiration. You can choose to copy a layout, CASify one of her more layered creations, play off a color scheme, pick up a theme (she loves cupcakes), or use a technique/product/style she spotlights.

I have two cards to share. The first is based on one of her many one-layer cards:

I took her idea of the 3/4 border across the card used as a ground for an image. My book was a bit too large for the scale of the card (much bigger than the bird she used), so I scooted it off the side and added just a touch of color with a Memento Pear Tart marker. Then I added a sentiment where she did. LOVE how the elements relate to each other here. (Stamps by Papertrey)

I giggled when I finished this card. It makes me so happy...and I never would have thought of this arrangement without seeing Janelle's card. That sort of inspiration ALWAYS makes me giggle with glee.

My second card is based on a photo from her trip to the Museum of Modern Art (scroll down to see the picture of a couple of Mondrian's paintings).

4.25" square

I couldn't even add a sentiment to it. It's just so much fun and doesn't need to say anything at all. I've been inspired by Andy Warhol and Picasso in the past, but I can't remember ever channeling my inner Mondrian. I created this with Papertrey's Faux Ribbon set, a couple of post-it notes for masks, and Memento markers.

So now it's your turn to let the amazing Janelle inspire you to create something wonderful!

OLW66 Rules

1. A one-layer card is defined as a single sheet of cardstock folded in half. No other layers are allowed.

2. Be inspired by Janelle's blog...anything on her blog, from her blog banner to her family photos, from her one-layer cards to her more elaborate creations. Doesn't matter.

3. Post your card online and link back to Janelle's post that inspired you. Then add your link to the InLinkz button on the sidebar of Simplicity.

4. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!


  1. Oh this is so wonderful. What an awesome idea! I love the card Janelle has on today's post. What an A-MAY-ZING woman. I know just what I'm going to do!

  2. these are both awesome and Janelle is inspiring in many ways...

  3. I adore your book card. I think it looks wonderful. Janelle is certainly inspiring!

  4. I love, LOVE, love your Mondrian card! So simple and stunning, I wish I had a faux ribbon stamp now:)


  5. LOVE the Mondrian card, too! And I'll bet you could do the whole thing with just scraps cut to size. I'm going to find out! Janelle's got a great blog.

  6. knew you were design smart but now have to up the category to brilliant
    praying for Janelle

    patti moffett

  7. i love janelle and pray for her everyday, she's a huge source of inspiration to me in general--i got hooked on her blog when she was following the Fly Lady stuff...she's funny and sweet and i love her alot

  8. These are both incredible! You always amaze me with your crisp designs, and your "Mondrian" creation is particularly fabulous!

  9. As a retired librarian, I love your first card - brilliant use of the book on the edge of the card and just a hint of colour. But the Mondrian card is fabulous too - just perfect!

  10. Hi Susan, LOVE your cards! I'm visiting your blog via Janelle's blog. My name is Kristine (Janelle is married to my brother Ken). I have made cards before but am unsure of how to post etc. but would like to participate in this challenge. Sounds like my inspiration need to be from something Janelle has posted visually not just her words...I'm going to give it a try...stay tuned! Thank you for your kindness in honoring Janelle. It touches my heart deeply. (OK I'm not sure I can even post this!)

  11. I love your book card and I think you should frame your Mondrian creation! Janelle is such an inspiration both as an artist and a person. What an honor and pleasure to participate in this challenge.

  12. I love both of your cards!!! The book stamp is a cool stamp and I may just have to try the modern art. I've never been much of a fan of most modern art, but I do really like this card.

    I clicked the link to Janelle's blog, but couldn't find a way to search for the card you mentioned that you patterned yours after. I would have loved to see it. I do like how you used the 3/4 border across the card as a ground for the image. I never cease to be amazed by the beauty of the simplicity in your artwork.

  13. Hello, i ve been visiting your blog very almost every day but i rarely left any comments.I think this is very honoring for Janelle and i really LOVE the challenge....I ll be definately taking part in this

  14. Love that book card inspired by Janelle . . . it really is a lovely layout. Wish I had those stamps - great for the book club ladies!

  15. Colorado Crafter,

    The links to my inspiration from Janelle's blog are imbedded in the post above, right above my card's photos. Click on those links, or use these urls:



    Hope that helps!


  16. WOW what a lovely blog and cards! Thanks for showing!
    I´ve added mine!


  17. That second card is totally channeling Mondrian -- I love it! And the first card just... works.

  18. I love both cards...but the second one is AWESOME!!! I LOVE that artsy feel. ;)

    Thanks so much for doing this. ;)

  19. Definitely pinning your first card--I'm always at a loss at using that set more.

    Your Mondrian card is so snazzy! Fabulous.

  20. Beautiful cards, as always.

    I love books and green is my favourite colour so that first card is just so perfect. I could use that as wall art! If you ever feel like getting 'rid' of it, let me know. *hint* *hint* :-)

    Malyn at ThinkInkCreative

  21. Wow--I really got in under the wire. This is my first time with this challenge, and I will definitely play again. Thanks for doing this for Janelle. I know she appreciates all of her on line friends.


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