Sunday, September 11, 2011

Paint with Smooch

Before we get started, I wanted to mention that I've updated my Favorite Products tab, if you're interested in what I have to say about card stock. Also, there are still stamps and SU paper for sale on my For Sale tab. Please buy my stuff so I can turn around and buy more stuff. Thank you. 

Smooch has quickly become one of my favorite products. It's an ink, but it works like paint, too, and you use it just like shimmery watercolor.

How-To Tips: First, I placed small dots of Smooch on a plastic palette. Using a damp, wide, flat brush, I painted some big squares of Smooch wash in kiwi and carrot on an Arches watercolor paper block (which helps keep the paper cut the paper off with a butter knife when it's dry). I made sure there were subtle gradations of color...not just a solid block of even color. When the ink was dry, I punched 3/4" squares out of the paper and created these three cards. I wish my photography captured the shimmer better. At least I tried!

The only difference with the second card is monochromatic color.I can'd decide which I like best, but then, I don't want to hurt either of my card's feelings.

The third card changes the orientation. I just wanted to see how it would look. Again, it's different, but not substantially so, and I love it just like I love the other two, no matter its orientation.

The half pearls on each card balance the off-set sentiment so nicely. And of course this layout is incredibly versatile. You could use it for any theme and with any small outline stamps. Solid stamps would look weird, I think.

But I could be wrong.

It's been known to happen before.


The end.

P.S. Happy Monday.

stamps: Papertrey
ink: Memento
paper: Arches 90lb hot press watercolor paper block, PTI white card stock
accessories: Smooch (kiwi and carrot), flat wash brush, paint palette


  1. I almost bought some Smooch with a 50% off Michael's coupon, but all paint intimidates me. They had packages of three. I wish I could have purchased only one bottle to start. I like your cards, but I had to confess that I'm afraid to try it out ... Darn!

  2. I love ALL of these cards! So much so that I'm going to take Sunday's Mike's coupon there tomorrow and buy a bottle of smooch. Seriously. I also want to thank you for your updated CS info. I trust your opinion, and I like that feeling. I've used PTI white exclusively since you told us about it, splattering in with some SU colored CS that I've had so long they've started to fade around one of the edges. Good to know about Gina's CS, too. And I can hardly believe PTI still doesn't have their ink issues worked out. What's up with that?! Thanks for your lovely smooching!

  3. Great cards!! Thanks for another way to use the Smooch! And also thanks for info about cardstock. I was just looking for it the other day so now it's there! LOL!!

  4. My favorite layout x3!! I might just have to try this smoochy stuff :-)

  5. I love all three - but if I had to pick a favourite, I'd pick the second one.

    I haven't bought any Smooch but I create a similar background paper with my Twinkling H2Os - love the subtle shimmer it gives.

  6. Not tried Smooch but am tempted to give it a go. I prefer the two colours together myyself. Great cards.

  7. I have one thing of Smooch spritz, which is a lot of fun, but now it looks like I need the ink, too!

  8. This is a fantastic trio of cards with my absolute favorite layout :) Thanks for the smooch tips.


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