Monday, September 19, 2011

She's Back and As Crazy As Ever

I had ample opportunity to play with my new A Muse set Ice Crystals this weekend. Here are three bashful-blue-based cards using it.

Classic CAS Layout
Busy Background Balanced by Bold Sentiment
Sweet Border and Pearls
Doing variations like this is so much fun for me. Some ideas work, others don't. But I usually get something that isn't embarrassing in the end.

Now for some mindless Monday crazy chatter....

I posted a thread on SCS yesterday trying to articulate the restlessness and boredom I've been feeling lately in regard to ordering new stamps. Let me make it clear (so no one panics!) that I'm not restless and bored with stamping or blogging. AT ALL. No, my issue is failure to get excited about the new stuff.

Weird, eh? I mean, this is such a first-world problem. People are starving in Africa, killing in Syria and Lebanon, drowning in Vermont, and frying in Texas...and I'm not feeling excited about buying new stamps. Boo-hoo for me, right? But you don't come here for current events; you come to see the crazy CAS lady parade her insanity for the whole world to see.

I hope it's entertaining.

The thing is, I don't over-spend on this hobby anymore. In fact, I'm downright disciplined and restrained and live well within my budget. I rarely buy on impulse, and thus rarely regret my purchases. Which is why new catalogs and product releases are so pleasurable for my AR/OC self: cool stuff to think about, ruminate over...obsess, really. It's always been good.

Lately, however, I've been dragging my feet. My pleasure in my recent A Muse order didn't come until the stamps arrived. Picking out what I would order felt more like work than fun. What's wrong with me?!?!

Now, some of you might say that it's the trends that aren't appealing to me, that the companies are re-hashing old ideas, that I don't need to buy stuff--I just need to use what I have more creatively.

But I feel like I've done that already. After I finished my excellent resolution to use every single image stamp I own (two years that took!), I felt a bit lost. What would my next big resolution be? I've tried several new resolutions, but none really stuck. And as a result I felt stuck.

There comes a time in every obsessed CAS-lovin' stamper's heart when there is too much stuff. So much stuff, in fact, that it weighs down your creativity and fun instead of inspiring it. I've passed that point and then some. Watching Krystie Lee sell off a bunch of her older stuff struck a chord with me. Also, I have already instituted my minimalist wardrobe, and with that in place the past year, I've enjoyed wearing fewer clothes more, feeling like my closet is an opportunity each day rather than a musty tomb where old clothes went to die.

Is that enough melodrama for you? I could crank it up a bit if you want.

Anyway. Strange things are afoot in my craft room this week. I'm cleaning out and storing a bunch of stuff because letting it all go at once scares me too much. But in a year or so, if I haven't retrieved anything, I predict that Salvation Army will be making a bargain-hunting stamper or two really happy.

On a similar note, I'm also going to start shaking things up a bit with regard to projects. It's the prelude to the holiday season and time to start getting my mojo on for teacher gifts, neighbor gifts, friends and family gifts, holiday decor ideas, and whatever else sounds fun. I'm gathering ideas and plan on sharing the results with you as they happen.

I may not be CNN, covering important world news, but I am the crazy stamper lady you can count on for easy, quick, and simple ideas to help you out in a pinch. Thanks for joining me!


  1. I know how you feel - it's a sad state of affairs when we have so many supplies that we no longer use half or more of them. I've already started destashing, altho I must admit it would be harder to let stamps themselves go... the old ones, especially, are like my babies. Best of luck and great card inspiration, as ever. Look forward to seeing your great gift ideas x

  2. Your cards are all beautiful. As always. I have never seen you post anything even remotely embarrassing - silly girl! It's time for this girl to start organizing, giving away, selling, and maybe even paying someone to take what I can't Thanks for your inspiration!

  3. Ha, I think you and I are in the same place!! I am on a rampage to clear out and clean up!! It feels like I have so much stuff that I am drowning when I go to get creative ... and I can't create at all! Thank goodness for my Take 3 challenges, they seem to be the only things keeping me creative!! I can't wait to see where you go with this ... I'll be watching closely!!

    Love the cards - the busy background one is actually my fav, if I had to pick one :-)

  4. My craft room is over flowing. I just sorted out a large box of stamps that I am going to let my daughter and daughter-in-law go through and what they don't want will be history. Some of the stamps are old and never used. (alot) If I haven't used them by now I never will. I love to stamp but the amount of money I have wasted is ridiculous. But....I can't stop! :) We are moving in a few months and that helps me down size. I look forward to seeing your cards. I am trying to get better at CAS. You put one of my cards in your favorites this past week. (Zoie) I am so honored by that. Thank you. It is a learning process for sure and you are so informative on this blog. TFS.

  5. I am really with you on this post. I have too much stuff and it is keeping me from being creative, instead I feel overwhelmed. I cleaned out a bunch of stuff this spring and will now do it again the first of the new year. For me that is the key, moving out things that no longer inspire me. I am always inspired by your creations and blog. It reminds me of why I started as a card maker, you dont have to do complex cards with tons of paper, glitter, ect. Cardmaking should be fun and not difficult. I also think you have the most wonderful sense of humor. Thank you for such an outstanding blog.

  6. Susan, I had started writing a lengthy post in response to your SCS thread but instead just got busy deleting items from shopping carts I had going :) . I really meant it months ago when I told myself I didn't need any more patterned paper! Just a moment of weakness . . .

    I also miss the thrill of the hunt with respect to stamp shopping ~ too much really is something I already have or just not my style. I'm excited about Waltzingmouse's new release today though!

    One way I'm getting excited about using more of my stamps is selling cards which I haven't done before. But I still have too many stamps and I completely understand the "weighing me down" concept. I will be doing a big purge myself this week. Maybe sell them, maybe donate, or maybe just pack away.

    I already scaled back how I'm handling my business and it's quite a relief. I'm very happy about taking my artistic pursuits in new directions. Now to climb out from under all of that 'old stuff' and feel refreshed again!

    I'm looking forward to seeing your new projects and if you ever feel compelled to purchase new stamps, I'll be very curious to see what they are!

  7. There must be something in the air. I've asked a friend to help me with an intervention. I have TOO MUCH STUFF and I'm overwhelmed!! I've been toying with the idea of not buying anything but adhesive in 2012.

  8. Great rant and I know what you mean. Good for you. I'm dying for thorough closet purge myself.

  9. Oh these are beautiful! Love how you show the different images.

  10. You've really struck a chord with me today - I have way too much stuff! Not just craft stuff but clothes too. So I'm dedicating this fall and winter to thoroughly clearing out my closet, my craft room, and my basement. One of my sisters keeps telling me that there are other people out there who need (and will use/wear) the things I'm not using, and it's socially and environmentally irresponsible to hold on to things I don't need or use. So I'm keeping that in the forefront of my mind.

    As for your three cards - they are stunning. I love them all, especially the first one.

  11. I have said for years now that I find having too much stuff impedes my creativity. As such I am always selling, trading, or giving away items that I have used and enjoyed (or used and not enjoyed or even just not used) so I can move forward. It is interesting to see so many agreeing with you here because locally, my fellow crafters look at me like I have 3 heads for daring to part with a single thing and don't understand my logic behind it. You go!

  12. I have been in paralysis over two birthday cards for a week and have come to the conclusion that I have too much stuff to make choices. Also, the new SU catalog really left me cold-too much sameness, nothing really new. I have been very tempted by the Papergrey and A Muse lines- i like the simplicity of them. Sending a box to my niece this week!

  13. What lovely cards, Susan. So peaceful -- as it seems you must be as well while lightening your stash load.
    I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed too. Last year I went a whole month without buying one single craft item; this time I think I might go every other month and see how it feels.

  14. Like you, I very carefully consider my purchases, and recognize I don't really _need_ anything. Hope that appreciates what we do choose more! And certainly you made good A Muse choices -- these cards are beautiful! Love Christmas cards in blue.

  15. I am finding that less is more in many areas of my life. Have you done a post about how to do a minimalist wardrobe? Any suggestions on how to start? Thank you for sharing your creativity and great sense of humor. Your blog always brightens my day.

  16. Completely agree with all sentiments expressed above. I browsed the latest PTI release, quite liked what I saw (hadn't been tempted for a few releases) but found myself saying will I really use this (oh, if only this epiphany had happened a year ago). Must get organised for a good sort out in my craft room.

    Having said that, I have really enjoyed Jennifer McGuire's Inspiration Showcase online class and am very keen to have some distress inks come and live with me.

  17. You're awesome! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  18. I wish you could pass on your lack of interest in buying new stamps!!! I am your exact opposite. I love everything I see. I am actually thrilled when a company I love comes out with a set that doesn't appeal to me so I don't have to buy it!!! I have too many stamps and spend too much money, but I cant stop!! HELP!!!

  19. I loved reading your post today! It put a smile on my face and made me laugh! :-) You write so well and engaging. I really enjoy your blog! :-) xx

  20. Just read this post - busy catching up!! I think it's the time of the year. For me September is always a time of new beginnings, and I'm sure that it goes back to each new school year starting in September.

    I know that my little craft room is full to bursting, but at the moment I know where pretty much everything is. I don't need anything new - have enough stash for a small shop!!

    I have enjoyed this post - and it's given me a great deal of food for thought :) As you say, it's a real "first-world" prolbem xx Thanks for sharing.

  21. Hi Susan, Fantastic cards again, I particularly like the middle one, yummy! I'm trying to catch up like Deborah, just not enough time to do it all but your post struck a cord with many of us. I am no exception, too much stuff. My stamps are like my babies so I shan't be parting with any! I am visitng the older stamp companies and they have some real gems that I couldn't afford to buy but now I am judiciously getting just a few select favourites.
    It's refreshing to read you saying what I'm thinking, LOL You did it again:0) Gay xxx

  22. Collecting stamps and supplies is truly an addiction,for me. I think the problem I run into is, there are just so many worlds to choose from. And everywhere you look so many of the stamp companies are doing the same images or very similar images. I like the most bang for my buck, which throes me into getting things on sale rather than what I really want. I don't know why it's so hard to just get what I want in the first place, it would save money and space. I have finally figured out that I can have more quality stamps if I stop buying the plethora of $1.00 bin stamps. I feel it's a huge advancement or maturity. LOL I wish I could empty my closet.


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