Thursday, December 22, 2011

Favorite Layout for Modern Basics

I have decided that my favorite layout with Modern Basics is a fun, central image with LOTS of white space around it in a landscape orientation.

See? There are a million different variations that can be made with this ultimate clean-and-simple layout and Modern Basics, and I'll share more variations next week.

I want to take this chance to thank all of you who have sent me Christmas cards. They are so heartwarming and beautiful! Also, thank you, Audrie, for the incredible package of SU goodies you sent. Oh what fun I will have in my new craft room with them!

Speaking of the new craft room...thank you all for your input. You came up with things I hadn't considered and gave me much food for thought. At this point, I've pretty much decided to use the basement bedroom as my craft room. Guests will take one of the kids' bedrooms, and the kids will sleep in the basement. When we have house-guests, they are almost always people who either 1) put us up in their kids' bedrooms when we visit them or 2) are family and don't care where they sleep when they visit. We only have guests a couple times a year anyway (this past year, we only had one guest for two nights!), and it seems silly to me to dedicate a wonderful space to such limited use.

The main problem with the sliding door area is that when the boys have friends over, we want them to have the basement as a play area, but they won't like mom being in the same space. Plus, I rarely stamp when the family is at home until they are asleep, so as concerned as I am about being isolated from family, it's not really a huge problem.

We may or may not put the extra bed in the craft room. Still not decided. We may end up putting the bed in the tiny finished room (and put our kids down there when we have guests) and the futon furniture in the craft room, which I think would be a good compromise.

The main point George made is that whatever we decide, we can always change it down the road as we see fit. Whatever happens, I'm grateful for all your insights into the dilemma!

We had the final walk-through of the house last night. It's amazing, and we are giddy with excitement!

Note: I had only had one cup of coffee when I composed this post. Since then, I found that 1) I didn't put a title on it, 2) I used their incorrectly, 3) I got Audrie's name wrong (what the heck?!?!), and 4) who knows what else I'm missing or got wrong. My apologies. Please don't email me if you find something. I don't want to know.


  1. Love all the CAS versions you have shared with this set... cheers!

  2. So much white space, I love it! Merry Christmas, enjoy your new home:)
    Val x

  3. Love your fave layout and understand why you love it so. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to seeing the first run at your new craft room - good luck

    Seasons Greetings


  4. Always love your clean and simple look.

    I have all next week off work! I am so looking forward to taking you downstairs to my craft room via my laptop and casing some of your lovely designs.

    All I wanna do is get inky....

    So fun moving to a new space. I agree with you about the spare bedroom. We've had guests 3 nights in the last year. If we ever finish the basement, my craft room is coming upstairs and guests are going down. : )

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. I love these cards. Honestly, I looked at that set --- for about 3 seconds --- and totally passed it by as pretty much unusable. Just goes to show you what I know! Now I'll have to go look at it again, as I LOVE the cards you've made with it so far! Susan, I think you'll be so happy having decided to take over the basement bedroom! You've thought it all through, have found all the right reasons to take it, and like George says, it's not in cement. I can't wait to see pictures of you all moved into that new room. Will you have Christmas in your new home?

  6. That second card, with the purple, is CUTE. Love it. The blue one is also great, but I'm partial to purple.

  7. Yeah for George and pointing out that you can always change where things will be in the new house. My hubby believes you set things down once and bolt them to the floor. I warned him now that we'll need new towels in the bathroom in the next few months so he can work up to different towels. What a kid.... great cards and as always, thanks for sharing your creations with us!

  8. Beautiful card. Your hubby is certainly wise :)

  9. These are such exciting, and exhausting, times for you. Your new crafting space will be so fun to set up! Enjoy it. No matter what. Change is always an option! And in the meantime, check out latest release for a well deserved chuckle, *wink*. I can't look at them the same anymore, ha! Merry Christmas! -Pam

  10. Very nice cards. I hope Maile reads your blog so she can see the wonderfully designed cards you have made, using her brilliant set! I look foward to seeing more. So happy to hear you had your final walk-through and that you were pleased with the results. I wonder when you will be closing and moving in? I'm giddy thinking about how giddy you must be ... remembering how it was when we were at this point with our newly built house. Cheers to you! :)

  11. Susan, good choice on using the downstairs bedroom as your craft room. I think that will work out but if it does not what a wonderful husband you have who says you can always change it later. That's such wonderful support. Futon in your craft room -- that sure sounds inviting to Daisy :)

    Isn't Maile's sets just super?

  12. Two more beautiful cards! You really are on a roll!

    I'm glad to hear you've made the decision to use the bedroom with the window for your craft room. I'm really looking forward to photos of it!

  13. Our youngest son just turned 20, thereby ending "14 years of teenagers" in our home. You made a good choice for your craft room. It will be good to have an "excuse" to come and go through the common area of the basement.


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