Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Something Off? Try a Little Tweak

When I first tried this card idea with Modern Basics, I wasn't really satisfied. The result seemed a little, I don't know, clunky? Awkward? Inelegant? Sturdy?

So I rotated the flower a quarter turn. HELLO, indeed!

Sometimes, what's wrong with a clean-and-simple design isn't much. It's just that there is no place to hide from the tiniest design flaw. Tweaking, rather than full-scale revising, is needed. Look through your recent cards and see if one you're dissatisfied with simply needs a little tweak to be stellar!

On another note, the OLW73 challenge cards ARE stellar, despite the fact that it's an odd numbered challenge. At least there was an even number of participants...what a relief! I will make time in the next few days to comment on all the entries. Thank you all for playing, and look for OLW74 in the new year!


  1. Both are simply delightful!! Love your tweaking!

  2. simply stunning!!
    have a wonderful christmas time!
    vanessa xx

  3. Thanks for the inspiration. I just received this set in my Christmas myself.

  4. Very nice! I always enjoy reading your posts.

  5. OH MY WORD. That turn really did make a huge difference!!! I saw the first card and thought, "It's really not that bad..." but then I saw the second one and realized what you were saying! Fabulous--as always--Susan! I hope you and yours have a very happy holiday in your new home! :)

  6. How amazing that a quarter turn can make the image perk up totally refreshed! Have a great Christmas and thanks again for the pearls. I love the black ones and they came in very useful for my last card I posted!
    Val x

  7. What a fabulous design lesson! I'm amazed what a difference a tiny tweak can make! Thanks for showing us.

  8. Wow, that makes a huge difference! Thanks for sharing the first one too to make your point.


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