Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One-Layer Wednesday 73: Ohmmmmm

First, let me warn you that I don't like odd numbers. I've always thought this was a dirty little secret until the lady at the fish counter at Kroger said, "Let's try four catfish fillets. I don't like odd numbers."


So when Jennifer joined me in offering the OLWs, I gave her the odd numbers because, well, they don't bother her. Or if they do, she's never felt compelled to share that with me. This week, however, she needed me to do the challenge. She's my friend, so I'll take the odd bullet for her.

But I get 74, too.

And 74 won't come until mid-January. The holidays and my move are going to necessitate a break.

Without further silliness, let's get to OLW73. *insert delicate shudder here*

This week, we could all use some peace. The rush and hustle of December and the pre-Christmas rush can take over and drive us crazy, so I thought it would be helpful to take a break and meditate on peace, tranquility, harmony...ohm, if you will.

Make a one-layer card that says peace to you.

This reminds me of my first time watching cable in California in 1988. I was young and Methodist and from the chicken-fried-steak-and-gravy South, and the television came on to a local Sacramento channel featuring a woman chanting and clanging together brass bowls. She seemed at peace, but I found the brass clangs grating on my nerves and changed the channel.

Guess this means peace is in the eyes and ears of the beholder. So have fun expressing your personal idea of peace.

For me, the PTI set Peaceful Garden (which just came to live with me...yippeeee!) says peace. And here's my peaceful card.

OLW73 Rules

1. A one-layer card is defined as a single layer of card stock folded in half. No other layers allowed.

2. Make a card that says peace in some way...something relaxing, tranquil, harmonious. Keep embellishments to a minimum.

3. Upload your card somewhere online and link back to it using the InLinkz button on the sidebar of Simplicity.

4. The most important rule of all: HAVE FUN! But make it peaceful fun this time. ;-)

stamps: Papertrey Peaceful Garden
ink: Memento new sprout and rich cocoa
paper: PTI white
accessories: pearls


  1. It's a good thing I wasn't sipping on my late night tea or I would have blown it out my nose! I hate EVEN numbers!!!!! They are very unsettling to me and make me shudder! I've mentioned this to friends before and they just shake their heads. What a hoot! I adore the peaceful & simple card, though.

  2. AAhh, one of my favorite sets from PTI. I love every thing about this set, especially that sentiment. Even the font used to create the sentiments is soothing.

  3. Your card is absolutely gorgeous - so peaceful!! So it's perfect.

    But you do make me smile - I love numbers - all of them!

    Now off to have a think about what to put on my card!

  4. Beautiful card, Susan. We could all use a little more peace at this time of year. Great OLC challenge! :)

  5. Okay GF - I made my card last pm but Linky wasn't ready, therefore I made another one! You will see why when you check out my posting! I am so glad Mr L wasn't ready~ :)

  6. I love these one-layer looks; thanks so much for the challenge even though you had to come to peace with your "issue" about the number! Your blogs always make me smile, if not laugh out loud! I played this time, but picked the wrong image through the Linkz tool and now I don't know how to change it. I've email them about it. Anyway, this was fun. Peace out!

  7. P.S. FYI, Linkz responded and I was able to fix it.

  8. THANK YOU for this challenge--you have no idea how much I need it. I will link up tomorrow! :)

  9. I love the peaceful green, Susan! Thank you for the inspiration. ;)

  10. ummm... no... you aren't alone in the "don't like odd numbers" dept! i don't like them either.

  11. Couldn't resist a peace-themed challenge during this otherwise frenzied week! Great idea.

  12. Beautiful card Susan!

    Susan, I was wanting to ask your opinion about a OLC because I made a one layer card but added a punched border to the bottom and I am unsure whether it truly qualifies as a OLC or not. I didn't want to enter your challenge just in case it doesn't fit what the challenge is meant to be. I have uploaded it to my SCS Gallery and you can see it here: http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/gallery/photo/2110297?&cat=500&ppuser=195423

    Thanks Susan :-)

    Jocelyn aka JoBear2 on SCS

  13. Thank you Susan for the clarification - I have added my card to your sidebar :-)



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