Tuesday, December 6, 2011

When Failure Wins, and My Latest PTI Order

After picking up the latest issue of Take Ten at my local Barnes and Noble (where they know me by name, by the way), I decided to take a break from my self-imposed 2-cards-per-set Christmas challenge and do a CASification (clean-and-simplification) of a published card.

I like getting out of my comfort zone every now and then...it adds zest to life, you know. So I found a great card that used elements I never would use on my own and made my CAS version of it, which was hideous beyond belief.

Seriously, folks.


I don't know who made my card because it wasn't me and if I posted it here, at least a few of you would email me about how totally disappointed you were that I would post such an un-Lateblossom card.

And I would agree with you.

Since I had my Rubber Stampede cardinal stamp out already, I flexed back to my Christmas card challenge and made not two but three cards that are DEFINITELY BY LATEBLOSSOM.

And all was right in my world.

Cherry cobbler isn't exactly a cardinal red, but I took creative license. It definitely wasn't because the cherry cobbler pad was out on my desk and I was too lazy to open a drawer and pull out real red. No, I'm not lazy like that. *stares at ceiling, whistling*

Simple cards need something vaguely unexpected but oh-so-right to keep them from being boring, and using a non-cardinal red certainly qualifies. Above, I used the Martha Stewart lattice border punch to create a lace-like border. That punch hints at pretty garden fencing, or perhaps a gazebo, for the landscape of our cardinal on a pine branch.

Works for me.

Y'all know how I feel about distressing. I'm a firstborn pleaser who doesn't want to distress anyone or anything, but occasionally, accidents happen. This stamped panel got roughed up by a pair of dull scissors (okay, not by accident), but by pairing it with wrapped fuzzy twine, the distressing makes sense and enhances the unity of the simple design.

Finally, I went uber-simple, because it was getting late and I was tired. Not sure I like this one as much as the other two, though. The cardinal is looking at the sentiment, which is a nice design touch, but he and the sentiment are just hanging in space, which generally isn't such good design. It needs something...maybe bling. But it's flat, easy to mail, and festive, nevertheless.

And now for an awkward segue to another topic...

Get ready for it. My sister-in-law gave me a $100 gift certificate to Papertrey Ink for my birthday.

*squeals of rapture!!!*

Have I mentioned lately how wonderful my sister-in-law is? No? Well, she is. Spectacularly wonderful.

Here's what I ordered yesterday:

Background Basics Circles
Candy Cane Christmas
Sweet As Can Be
Peaceful Garden
Modern Basics 
Oh, yeah. I'm happy.
I'll be happier when the box arrives. What fun times we'll have with such goodness!


  1. love Mr. Cardinal .. have fun waiting for Mr. Brown! Can't wait to see what you do with all these goodies ...especialy Modern Basics!!!

  2. I think the Cobbler works better than the Red. Deeper and richer colour. Great posing by Mr. Cardinal on each card too ;) I can almost hear you squealing with delight at the receipt of your order. Nothing better than a GC! My PTI list is looooong and hoping to shrink it a bit over Christmas and January birthday!

  3. Excellent cardinal stamps, love the twine and distressed edges--nothing to distress over on that card for sure!

    And a PT GC! Can't beat that with a stick. How exciting!

    I guess I'm hopped up today!


  4. The cards are great. Sometime you should post a collection of your "rejects". I doubt any of us would complain; but it can be comforting to know that the crafters we look up to sometimes make "ugly" cards. That sounds way worse than I mean it to!!

    You have the GREATEST SIL on the planet I think!!
    Wow! $100 gift card to an EXCELLENT online crafting shop! She ROCKS!!

  5. I love all three cards. Even the third, which I did not realize had design flaws until you pointed it out! However, I think the first is my fave--I like how you used an edge punch at the bottom of the square. Thanks for your kind comments about my two submissions this week. I'm a relatively new follower/disciple, but I must tell you how much I enjoy your challenges, and how much I am learning about card making design from reading your posts.

  6. I love all three cards! I am especially happy because I own that stamp or one very similar (Rubber Stampede), and while it has seen ink, not very much, because my attempts at coloring it in were so pitiful. Thanks for the idea of just using red!

  7. All three cards are nice in my opinion. A gift card to Papertrey is wonderful! I should be so fortunate :)

  8. I don't own any PTI stamps, but I see so many cool cards made with them online that I had decided my next craft order will be from PTI. I can't wait to see what you do with the Peaceful Garden set and the Modern Basics.

  9. I like that last card. Maybe some bling would make it better, but I like just as it is. :-)

    I CANNOT wait to see what you do with Background Basics Circles. This set is on its way to me, too (it takes up to two months for PTI orders to arrive in Australia, so you'll have yours before I have mine). And Modern Basics has been on my wishlist forever, so now I'm going to have to go and get it, so that I can use it when you inspire me. ;-)

  10. 3 beautiful cards! The colour is great despite how it got there.

  11. One of my favourite Christmas stamps, and you've used it three beautiful ways! I feel some CASEing coming on... ;)

  12. A woman after my own heart! All I want for Christmas is PTI stamps! :) I've suggested it to my husband and he's a good listener (okay, he likes to take the path of least resistance!) so I'm SURE I'll get a PTI gift certificate too! (because the path to gift certificates is even less "resistive" than picking individual stamp sets! :) :) :))

    Love all three of the cards, particularly the cherry cobbler, because it's my favourite SU red!

  13. Oooo! What a fabulous sister-in-law!!! :) And those three cards are perfect...but now I REALLY want to see the "bad" one... ;D

  14. Can't think of a nicer gift!!! Lucky girl. I really like all of your samples but I actually like the last one the best. Beautiful work.

  15. One of the very few things I miss about my time out East is cardinals. I hate it when you get new pti as I don't have any and no one in my family thinks to get me gift certificates like that! I hope you will try to CASify the card again. I'm curious what the elements you would never use are.

  16. Love the first two cardinal cards, most of all the first one. You have a fabulous sister-in-law - I'd be thrilled with a gift like that! I can't wait to see what you do with Peaceful Garden - it's on my wish list.

  17. I know all too well about the hid-e-ous results that can come about when trying to re-create a published card! He-ho, file 13! Haha! I do adore cardinal card #1. I agree that the lattice edge does bring a fence to mind. The second card w/the rough edged panel and twine, floats my boat. Your third ETM (as Debbie Olson refers to them), is nice as is. I would not add anything. I "found" PIT about two years and have ordered from them nearly every month since. I consider their stamps, dies, cardstock/paper, buttons, trims, felt, and ink (haven't had any "trouble" w/my original inks and do not have any of the "new" they are now producing, but I'm sure it's fabulous, too) my most prized paper crafting supplies. I am amazed at the cards and projects Nichole and the DT produce every month to showcase their new peoducts. I hope you will like crafting with your new sets and that you share "evidence" of that with us. BTW, a belated Happy Birthday to you! :)

  18. I love cherry cobbler red. These are lovely designs. I like how you mentioned the punched edge might suggest a picket fence. Pefect. That's a beautiful stamp and you made great use of it.

  19. OMG! I'm a "firstborn pleaser" who hates to rock the boat too! I dunno, seeing you write that made me feel better about myself. :-)

    For your 3rd card... I'd love to see how it would look if you scooched the cardinal toward the center a little and then added a simple dry-embossed border to the card. I think that would balance it out nicely. Please forgive me for not saying I love it the way it is. >;-) I do love the other two.

    Heather Chabries


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