Thursday, March 15, 2012

Get Inspired by Packaging: Part 4

Let's review the three strategies we've looked at for tackling an inspiration challenge:

Level One: stick close to the inspiration piece...keep colors, materials, layout, overall design the same, and tweak to fit a card and using your own supplies.

Level Two: change one element of the design significantly, leaving the rest of the elements largely unchanged.

Level Three: change two or more design elements significantly, while keeping enough of the inspiration piece to preserve a connection between the two.

Today's Get Inspired by Packaging post takes a third layout from Vanessa Spencer's cover to Take Ten and applies Level Three strategy for tackling this particular inspiration challenge. Take a look at the middle package (third one back from the front):

Now, take a look at my card:

Inspiration Discussion: I kept Vanessa's colors of green and plum (from the package on the left in the picture) and just changed the kraft to white (because I'm me). I definitely don't have a label like Vanessa's, so I had to fill that space differently. I chose to use three different baby-themed sentiments, arranged in a triangle, to fill the space (one large sentiment would have worked, too, but I don't have a long baby sentiment). It helps in the cases to think of the space to be filled rather than what's filling it in the inspiration piece. I also wrapped the twine around three times instead of twice to give it a bit more weight in the mint green twine is a little more subtle than Vanessa's.

So far, all my cards have taken their starting point from the fabulously simple layouts of the packaging. Tomorrow, we'll look at a card that doesn't use one of Vanessa's layouts but still reflects her artistic vision!


  1. Wow. You amaze me. Great card, once again, Susan. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I've viewed this "mini series" of yours with interest and have to say that all of your interpretations have been FAB!


  3. Wonderful card - please keep the lessons coming!

  4. Thanks for this. It's a wonderful card and a great lesson.


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