Saturday, March 10, 2012

Simple Lumpiness

I made this card a while back using sticky canvas from Sarah and embellishments from Audrie, but I'm just not sure about the card itself. What do you think?

The canvas lends lovely texture to the simple design, and the embellishments form a visual triangle of brown. The sponged blue and brown look great together, and the rust of the ink and floss is a fun accent. The fade on the sponging also gives a bit of grounding to the whole floaty design.

Not sure why I placed the butterfly so low...might look better a smidge higher on the right. Plus, the buttons--fabulous though they are!--are lumpy and would require a padded envelope or hand delivery, which puts them outside my practical comfort zone.

I'm leaning toward the pros outweighing the cons on this one tonight (which is why I'm posting it in the first place), but tomorrow morning, perhaps I'll lean the other way. So to speak.

Note on Folder Tab Punch
Yesterday's card featured a folder tab punch and lots of you asked about it. I bought it at JoAnn's a few weeks ago. You can see it on their website HERE. I'll try to do a little mini-tutorial on how to make the tab larger in the next couple of's coming for a visit next week, so not much time for crafting!

stamps: Hero Arts
ink: Ancient Page
paper: PTI white, sticky-back canvas
accessories: buttons, DMC floss, glue dots, sponge, butterfly charm


  1. I like the card. I do agree that the butterfly could be a bit higher. The buttons work - I would just hand deliver the card. The sponging is genius! And thanks for the punch info.

  2. I think this whole card is absolutely fabulous.
    My take on the butterfly is--- I like it there.

  3. I think it's beautiful. Wouldn't change a thing. And I send lumpy cards all of the time. They do require a visit to the Post Office and additional postage, however.

  4. Great card! I love the sponging. I wouldn't think the buttons would be so fragile that you'd need a padded envelope. If I were mailing this one, I'd just slip a piece of cardstock the same size as the card between the front of the card and the envelope. Then, depending on the weight of everything it might take a smidge more postage and it might not. I send cards with several layers and "bumps" all the time and many of them still make it for regular postage. I've never used the canvas, so don't know how much weight it adds vs. a cardstock layer.

  5. Nice card! I think the butterfly would look nice placed higher. I buy my bubble pack envelopes 3/$1 when they go on the coupon sales at our local Walgreen's drugstore. Post costs from under $1 to $1.60. I figure that overall, I'm saving so much by making my own card, I can afford the wee bit extra postage. :)

  6. Overall, I would say given that your post title had the word "Lumpiness" (not an attractive word), I was pleasantly surprised with how much I like the card!

  7. Yes, I can imagine the butterly a tad bit higher. And I personally generally choose greens and browns over blues (that's just personal choice though) - but honestly, I also completely love the card exactly as it is!!

    When I opened the blog I went "Oooooooh - I wanna make that!".

  8. I agree with Colorado. I send 'bumpy' cards like that all the time...however recently I was mailing some at the Post Office & a clerk realized I had 'bumps' and told me I needed another .20 so I then bought a dollars worth of .20 stamps for the next 5 cards I mail with 'bumps'. Vicki R

  9. Beautiful card! I have some of that canvas I've been itching to may have inspired me! About the butterfly....remember your posts about dividing the card into 9 sections and the "dividing lines" are the sweet spots in the card?? Well, I think your 'smidgen higher' probably lands you in that upper right quadrant sweet spot. I think you're right. A smidgen higher.

  10. I send "lumpy" cards all the time. I cover the card front with a scrap piece of heavy cs, before inserting into the envelope. Here's a quick way to double check thickness. I cut a 1/4" wide slot, 6" long into a piece of chipboard. If the envelope slides through without getting hung up, and it weighs 1 oz. or less, it is regular postage. If it is a little too thick to slide through, (& weighs 1 oz or less) just add 20 cents more in postage. I have a stash of 10 cent stamps on hand. I rarely have to go to the P.O.
    The post office checks for thickness with a piece of chipboard too.
    I use my digital kitchen scale, and have never had a card come back for addtl. postage.

  11. The card is beautiful overall, certainly nothing to toss away into the trash can. The butterfly would probably look better a smidge higher; and though the buttons are fabulous; I just find them a little "heavy" in comparison to the butterfly and overall softness of your center panel. They do make a nice triangle of brown but with their bulk and the darker shading of the center panel my eye just keeps going "down". Perhaps two smaller butterflies in place of the buttons?? Just an idea..

  12. I do love the sponging, and the color of it, on this card. And I like the butterfly, although like most everyone else I think it should be higher, maybe at the upper corner of the panel overlapping onto the white. And I think if you replaced the buttons with a pearl, it would be perfect.

  13. Me again. Forgot to say thanks for the punch info --- I'll bet Joanne's is going to have a run on them now!


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