Thursday, May 31, 2012

Delusions of Grandeur

Did I spell that correctly? Grandeur? It doesn't look right. I'm a visual speller who is far too tired to pull out her magnifying glass and Volume One of the two-volume, tiny-print Oxford English Dictionary tonight. (If you don't have one, get one. It's way better than electronic spell checkers.)

You see, I spent all day dealing with my boys who, at 12 and 9, seem to think it's okay to call each other idiots and liars and jerks. Refereeing is exhausting.

It was the first day of summer break.

Just 84 more days until school starts.

I need coffee. Lots of coffee. And chocolate. Oh, yes. Chocolate. Noise-cancelling earphones would be nice, too.

Anyway, back to grandeur, or delusions thereof. You see, when I made today's cards, I "discovered" a neat trick with using PTI's first Polka Dot background set. It's laid out so you can stamp TWO colors by stamping it twice. Like this vision of fun in pink and orange.

Or this, if you prefer your colors greener and bluer.

This set has been out for a couple of years at least. I bought it shortly after it was available. And when I discovered this AMAZINGLY COOL TRICK earlier this week, I felt like the smartest stamper on the planet.

But I know that's not true. Others have definitely noticed how easy it is to two-step stamp with this set. But the giggling with glee I did a few days ago must be shared.

I. Totally. Rock.

See? Delusions of grandeur on a Thursday night.

Have you ever experienced delusions of grandeur? Care to share? Please do.

stamps: Papertrey Ink Birthday Basics, Polka Dot
ink: Memento pink and orange; SU turquoise and green galore
paper: PTI white
accessories: ribbon, Scor-Tape


  1. Great cards - I am especially partial to the blue/green one. I can totally relate to the names brothers call each other. I swear sometimes I'm convinced they hate each other. Mine are 10 and 14. Noise-cancelling headphones is a great idea!

  2. Brilliant and I will grant you "grandeur" :) I have a month before the kdis are off school and it will be here before I know it.

  3. I never knew that about the polka dot set. I'll need to see if it works with my set--I think I have the second one. Anyway, your cards are really very sweet--simple and elegant, just how I like them. I've got 2 girls--12 and 14, who could probably out argue and out yell any boys on the planet. So, I hear your pain.

  4. Love your cards but can't seem to find "giggling with glee" to see how you did the two colors.
    Thank you,

  5. Those are stunning, LOVE THEM! :)

  6. Love these combinations! And I know the feeling of discovery (and grandeur!) So exciting. I did it a couple of years ago when I inked an embossing folder - and I hadn't seen it anywhere beforehand.

  7. Love that stamp set. Will have to give this a try. You DO rock!

  8. Can you imagine it's 3 month summer break here in Russia?)))) Would like to encourage you: though we fought like crazy with my sister, now when we're both after 20, we are very good friends)

    The cards are stunning! So clever of you!

  9. I grew up with FOUR brothers.

    The cards are lovely, as always. I just love it when you discover something new!

  10. Love both those colour combinations, but the thing that left me giggling is the thought of looking up grandeur (a french word, really) in the Oxford English dictionary. I'm weird that way. What can I say? ;-)

  11. Wow, I did not know you could do that with the polka dot set. Will have to try that.
    I feel your pain with name calling siblings. Tried to get my 3 kids to spend time together playing games last night and the bickering was horrible. So much for family bonding time.

  12. Oh I like the "grandeur" moment rather then the "duh" moment! Bawahaha!! I'll have to keep that in mind... ;)

  13. A major delusion of grandeur moment came last month - when at the age of 57(and still working full time) I decided my 2 & 4 yr old grandsons could stay with me for 5 days while their parents were away enjoying opening day baseball & mini vacation.... Way too old for all that running around. Love the blue & green card

  14. It's great fun to make those little discoveries in my drawing and card making! Even when I'm pretty sure it's not new in the whole world, it's new to me. And hearing about someone else's discovery is also a lot of fun! Love your polka dots under the ribbon stripe.

  15. Wonderful cards...I don't have that set...hey makes a change from stamping with the rubber on the end of a pencil LOL!!
    Over here the children do not break up until the end of June and return at the very beginning of September....and as mine are up and away the silence is deafning (have I spelt this correctly? Or is it deafening ? Grandeur is perfectly correct however....I do use a dictionary a lot as for certain words spellcheck cannot be relied upon as it gives us the U.S. version all the time so to be sure to be sure the old dictionary is in regular use.

  16. What delusions do you speak of? You do totally rock! I never knew those stamps could be used like that, but I will give it a try. Once I start stamping again, that is. Love your awesome cards. You totally rock! (Just had to say it again.)

  17. I certainly would not call you delusional -- the blue and green card is fabulous!

    I totally understand the counting down to school beginning again -- just why can't they get along!

    P.S. I'd bring you chocolate if you lived closer...I completely understand.

  18. Oh. Em. Gee. You constantly wow me with your designs! How did I not know you could do this with this set?!

    And quit wishing for school to start again...imagine your kids times 30 & you'll know why teachers need summers off!!!

  19. I like your cards, especially the blue/green. Your account of the boys fighting brought back lots of memories of my three step-boys. They got along so well ... most of the time. Hope it gets better! :)

  20. Love those cards, think my polkadot stamps are alot closer than that, not sure I could fit another colour inbetween, but I'm definitely going to give it a go!

  21. I love the 2-step stamping on it. I'm guessing the original polka dot stamp has enough space between each dot to add in a another dot? It looks complicated but I'm guessing it probably wasn't. I love it when something just comes together! And I think you're doomed with the liar, jerk, idiot thing. I think it's just that age.

  22. I managed to (just about) fit them together, and CASEd you card, hope you don't mind!


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