Wednesday, May 16, 2012

OLW88...I'm HUGELY Inspired

Heather always inspires me to pull out my sponges, but for some reason, my sponges were not playing nicely this week. So I decided to flex to completely different styles that still meet the requirements of the challenge, which is to make a mini masterpiece, keeping your stamped area to no more than 2" x 2". No worries there...just think of all that glorious white space!

I've made a whole bunch of cards I'll share over the next few days. That mini-masterpiece idea is just so gosh-darn fun!
First up, I pulled out Grunge Me from Papertrey Ink and played. My first few efforts were, shall we say, unbalanced in the color department, but then I hit on these two color combos and giggled with glee!

I love the fresh and loose feel of Grunge makes me think I'm not quite as obsessive as I feel most of the time.

Don't forget to play OLW88...Heather is offering a prize from Penny Black of the gorgeous stamps she used on her card.


  1. Sounds like those sponges just displayed a little attitude but it looks like you did brilliantly without them. I love your mini masterpieces; sometimes it is fun to keep all the images contained it makes the viewer take a closer look.
    I can't wait to see the rest.

  2. Susan, these cards are amazing. I always look for ways to use Grunge Me. I love the color combo in the first card but I have to remember those girls too so I love the colors in the second card, too. :)


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