Monday, May 7, 2012

Masking Big Backgrounds

So. We've looked at three ways to use a large background stamp: 1) as all-over background, 2) as partial background, and 3) for adding interest to punched shapes. A fourth way to use large background stamps is to mask an area and stamp a defined space, such as a border, ground, or sky.

For today's card, I used two large post-it notes to mask off a 5/8" strip on a largish piece of scrap paper. Then, I stamped the background, having only inked part of it (no need to waste ink...but make sure you ink enough to cover the intended area!).

I liked the black-and-white effect of this card, but the card seemed a little blah. So I fell back on my design mantra: Bling Never Hurts.

That's better!

I really like seeing big backgrounds masked to form hills or ground for scenes, too. I've not had a chance to make such a card in a while and hope to use Envelope Pattern that way soon. The cross-hatching would make lovely grass, don't you think?

By the way, I'm running low on these bling flowers and have been hoarding them. Whenever I catch myself "saving" craft supplies, I give myself a stern talking-to:

"Do NOT save stuff. USE it. If you don't use it, one day, you may look at it and wonder why you liked it in the first place. When that happens, you wasted money and opportunity. USE it WHEN you LOVE it. Don't worry. There will always be new things to love. So NO SAVING!!!"

Then, I hang my head in shame and use it. Because I'm right, aren't I?

stamps: Hero Arts
paper: PTI white
ink: Memento
accessories: dimensionals, bling flowers


  1. Love this, I am amazed at how versatile that stamp is!! I need to use partial stamping and masking more!

  2. LOL You are absolutely right! I can't stand seeing things I had to have just sitting there a year later. I'll give myslef a stern talking to from now! I love this technique and will be on the look out for large post it notes so I can try it out. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  3. I so agree about using stuff. I had saved some bling that then lost its stickum--and yes I could glue it, but it's another step! Did you consider putting hello in another color-such as red?

    Loving my rainy day here!

  4. Great lesson! I'm not a hoarder, but I do seem to have "saved" quite a few scrapping/cardmaking items. I have made a vow to use them. Really.

  5. ha!

    you are one smart chickadee!

    not that I have any stuff that i used to love and now wonder how i EVER loved THAT????

    NOT ME!!

    thanks for the GREAT advice....
    and the GREAT cards!!!

    marty ferraro

  6. These cards are beautiful and elegant. I actually like the one without the flowers best of the two but they're both beautiful!!

  7. lol!! what great advice!! i learned it the hard way and try daily to implement - i even managed to do it sometimes!! thanks!!

  8. Thanks for the inspiration! It never occurred to me to use this stamp as a rolling hill of grass. I agree with you. It would look great.

  9. Great card, as always, and yes I agree too, that you must use things. I think that about my china that I save for special occasions, then there aren't any and it spends a whole year sitting in a cupboard gathering dust, when it could have been out, being used. I have recently decided to stop stroking my paper, get it on some cards and get it 'out there'!

  10. Stunning card - like both versions very much! And yes, you are so right about using stuff, although sometimes it's fun to go back and find something you'd totally fogotten you had, Jo x

  11. If I can ever get back in my craft room; my vow is to blindly open a drawer or cabinet and USE whatever I see.

    I don't think that is going to be any time soon though. : (

  12. Love the card and the masking of the stamp to create a small border. You also speak the truth about supplies. If I spent as much time making things as I do buying supplies, I could open a store! I'm ready for my own stern talking to.

  13. Thank you for the "stern talking to" on not saving stuff - I tend to do that with my favourite things so your advice is definitely aimed at me.

    I love your card in both the photos - the one without the bling would be perfect for a man.

  14. It is always a pleasure to visit your blog, I love your style
    Cathi from Germany

  15. Yes you're right, yes the bling is lovely, and yes, the card was a little blah without it!

  16. Love how you've used the envelope pattern on this card.
    Do you find it difficult to apply enough pressure to stamp within a small masked strip as this? I always have trouble with the large wood mounted bkgds and am wondering if I should take them off the wooden blocks!

  17. If you want to email me your address, I'd be happy to mail you my bling flowers! I don't know why, but I've never used them. I use bling, but not the flowers. So, if you want them, they're yours (I'm quite serious about this).

  18. Yours is a sermon I need to hear again and again. I keep buying more stuff and then questioning myself when I start to use it. Thank you!


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