Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fresh Zig Zags and Baby Stamps

The chevron trend is one that I've happily skipped, but there is a chevron-patterned hexagon in the Happy Hexagon set, so I decided to get a little happy with my favorite color combination: Pear Tart (*giggle*) and Bahama Blue.

This was fun, and relatively easy to line up, although if you look closely, there are a few wider gaps. Most people wouldn't even notice, though, so I declare placement with this set is pretty easy.

SusieH asked if I'd found a baby set I like yet. The answer is, sadly, no. Honestly, I have pretty much given up, especially because I've entered that time of life when my friends are finished having children, but their children are not yet old enough to have children of their own. Eventually, I'll have to start searching again, and hopefully by then SOMEONE will have released a nice block-image stamp set for babies that isn't too cutesy or cliche. In the meantime, I have a few baby-themed stamps for emergencies.

What are your favorite baby stamps? What style of baby stamps do you like best?

stamps: Papertrey Happy Hexagons, some other set I forget which
ink: Memento
paper: PTI
accessories: none


  1. Gorgeous card, Susan! (I have the hexagon cover plate; if you want, I will send you some die cuts out of thin paper so placing those images will be a snap!)

    I have PTI's Bitty Baby Blessings set and love it. I have used it for 2 themed baby showers, making invitations and favors. And my favorite thing: a mini scrapbook for one of the showers - "Advice for the New Parents." I decorated library pockets with the large elephant image, adding the small elephant image to the library cards on which the guests wrote their advice. I left the opposite page blank so pics from the shower could be added. The mom-to-be loved it! And now that PTI has the matching dies, which I snapped up, I'm sure I'll use it even more.

  2. Love your card, Susan. The colors go so well together, even though one is pear (snicker) tart. The placement looks perfect, though you say it isn't. How did you do that? I ordered my set today (with another 4 $5 sets!), so you see I really must know. I hope you're not going to tell me you eyeballed it, because I can't do that --- something wrong with my eyeballs, I guess. Maybe you drew a light pencil line? I do love this! For baby sets, I have I think 3 SU sets I got years ago, and I just use those over & over. Like you, I'm at the age I need a baby card about once every 2 years, so I guess these sets will keep me happy. And I can use my stamp money for other sets!

  3. The stamp set I turn to most for babies is a retired set from Flourishes. This blog has cards made from those images.
    Rock A Bye
    I have no idea if they can be purchased anywhere, but everyone says, how sweet when they see them!
    Another company makes images that I use for baby cards, and that's Micia The one on the front page, J008 is one I have, and there are lots of others similar to it that I use from the Jun line. They are fun to color, or effective in black and white. They may not count as clean and simple, though! I have ordered from the company directly and had no trouble.

  4. Love that card!

    The only baby stamp I have, is this tiny one with an outline of an actual baby head. It's cute and I used it a few times. Like you I don't really need to make a lot of baby stamps.


  5. I don't do cute so I struggle with baby cards. I have a couple of random baby-related stamps I pull out when necessary and don't feel like I need many more. And if it's not a first baby, I make a card with a cow on it and a "Got Milk?" sentiment (first time moms usually don't have a sense of humor about the situation). I like both the suggestions made above, though! Cheers!

  6. I'm not a geometric type card-maker, but I can still appreciate what you've done with this set. Love how the sentiment snuggles into the zigzag pattern.

    My go-to baby set is an old SU! one called Bundled in Love. It has a duck, hippo and rabbit that resemble toy ones. I have also used the giraffe from SU Wild About You and the zebra from SU Zoofari. Somewhere in my stash is a really tall baby carriage stamp with wheels the perfect size to use eyelets, which I also love to do. All lend themselves well to CAS. Being a generation older than you, I'm into my second season of of baby cards!

  7. I haven't needed to make many baby cards (though friends' and relatives' children are getting to the age where they will be having babies soon). The few I've had to make have been done using SU In the Stars which has a great round stamp that has the word "Baby" in the middle of a star and then around the edge of the star it says "Twinkle twinkle little star, do you know how loved you are". I also have a really old stamp from my days as a children's librarian - a young mouse sitting on a pile of books - makes a great baby card to accompany a gift of baby board books.

    Like you, I hate cutesy or cliche baby stamps, and I truly despise stamps of big-headed children with no facial features.

  8. I like PTI's Hanging Out.
    It has solid baby clothes you can hang on a clothesline (stamp or use a piece of baker's twine). It also has outline stamps if you want to paper-piece. It has the comma in "Welcome, little one." And it also has a long strip of grass that is useful on many other cards.

  9. Great suggestions but still I wait for a set that I really love. Thanks Susan for polling my question on your blog today.
    I have reached the stage in life where friends are having grandchildren and friends of my grown kids are reproducing...!


  10. Love your card! I too have skipped the chevron trend but I do like the little touch of it in your card.

    My two baby sets are old SU ones: Cuddles and Tickles and New Little Someone.

    I bought Cuddles and Tickles mostly because it has that cute little footprint image ( love that ) and New Little Someone has cute little images of a bottle, rattle, and old fashioned diaper pin along with a really adorable stuffed bunny. I suppose they are cliche but they work until I find something else I REALLY like! Like most folks; I need a baby card about once every two years so I update the look of the card with the color palette or pattern papers I choose.


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