Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thank you, Teacher

I needed some quick teacher gifts last week, so I made these cards and gave them with some wonderful iced sugar cookies from a local bakery. Jack signed each card and wrote a personal sentiment for all five of his teachers and therapists. Without my telling him, he made each message different. It was so sweet!

Jack, who has autism, had fewer teachers and therapists in third grade than ever before: a special education teacher, inclusion teacher, aide, speech therapist, and occupational therapist. In years past, there were more aides and a physical therapist, too. In preschool and kindergarten, he went to two schools...requiring as many as 12 end-of-year teacher gifts. I'd say he's moving in the right direction. Yippy!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

stamps: Papertrey Ink (Happy Trails)
ink: various Memento
paper: Papertrey Ink
accessories: none


  1. Love these, Susan! I hear ya on the teacher gifts. It can get out of control, and with Max I always like to include gifts for his therapists and aide, too. This year was extra special, as he will be leaving pre-school and moving on to kindergarten. So nervous and happy for him at the same time. I think he is going to get all of the help he needs, though. We were really happy after his IEP meeting with the services they will offer him moving on to kindergarten.

    Happy summer! :) Maybe we can finally meet for coffee and shopping!

  2. Love the cards. And, your son sounds like a real sweetheart.

  3. Sweet cards. I'm sure his teachers enjoyed the gifts and personal notes from Jack. It's so nice that you two worked together to say thank you.

  4. Nice cards! I'm sure each educator will be pleased with their personal messages from Jack. So glad you can see his progress. That is a wonderful way to end the school year. :)

  5. Being able to see the progress year after year is pretty awesome :) Most times I'm able to look back & think "I never imagined this!" (and usually that's in a good way, lol!)
    Cookies are always a good gift :) and I like that Jack wrote his own messages! My kids both dictate to me & then sign, but this year Riley just might be able to do it on his own.

  6. Great cards. Very thoughtful of you. That's nice that Jack wrote his own messages.

  7. Sweet Cards! The teachers/therapist will treasure these cards from Jack. Always rewarding to see our children progressing :)

  8. As a retired teacher I can tell you the handmade card, personal note from Jack, and the cookies (!) made those professionals happy and proud you recognized their work. I still have many of my "Keepers" notes; I bet they will keep Jack's too.

  9. I have this stamp set and it has me completely stumped. Dunno why, but it does. Saw your cards and did the forehead slap. D'oh! It's just perfect.
    Sarah (kegbo)


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