Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Getting on Trend with $5

I have a confession. I'm a trend lagger. When some new trend comes down the pike, I tend to lag behind, to wait, to stand back, to hold my elbow with one hand and press my forefinger to my lips with the other and cock my head in puzzlement.

Should I jump on this trend?

Is it me?

Is it worth the money?

What should I do?



Hee Haw.

By the time I decide to commit, the trend is soooo yesterday. Doesn't matter. I either like it (chandeliers) or I don't (owls); I'm either happy to have bought into it (text backgrounds) or regret the purchase with a chagrinned sigh (lamps).

Which brings me to hexagons and the glory of $5 stamp sets.

Papertrey is offering more of these petite sets that allow you to play with a trend without a major commitment. A $5 set is sort of a friend with benefits, if you will. You don't have to marry a trend anymore. You are free to play around with it, satisfy the urge, and move on without guilt or shame.

I love $5 sets.

And the tiny set Happy Hexagons (seriously?) has satisfied my urge regarding this bee-inspired shape. I've played around with it and am so glad I bought it. Plus, it pushed my order into the free shipping range, and that was SO WORTH IT.

The stem is from Faux Ribbon and the leaf is from Green Thumb, both also by Papertrey. The petals are Memento's new Moroccan orange. Happy, indeed.

What trends have you thoroughly enjoyed? Which have you regretted investing in?


  1. I'm exactly the same way with trends! Some trends I can commit to and some I bypass completely. Neon? Not so sure... I also just got this set the other day but haven't played with it. Love how you made a flower out of the hexagons - might have to CASE that. ;)

  2. For 5 BUCKS I can't resist!
    I really appreciate the price point. However, the hexigon is a building block for many things..I think it is more than a trend.

  3. I'm with you on this, Susan. Sometimes I jump in with both feet. Other times, it's out of style by the time I buy into it. In the case of these hexagons, I didn't really like them at first. Now, however, after seeing so many fabulous cards made with them....I'm changing my mind. Grrrr!! ;o)

    This card is super cheerful and super cute!! It would cheer up anyone!

  4. Cute card, Susan. Can't beat that $5 deal.

  5. LOVE what you did with this set! Been considering jumping on the hexagon bandwagon--bought a piece of patterned paper to play with to decide if I like it.

    With trends, I tend to jump in immediately & regret later--owls being only one example. I should really learn from my mistakes... *sigh*

  6. I am totally in your court regarding trends, Susan. Covers all areas of my life too :) I'm just glad buttons are still around LOL. PTI had a light bulb moment when they created these $5 sets - affordable and a great way to play around with the trends. Loving that hexagon flower :)

  7. I'm not really a trend follower. That doesn't mean I haven't bought sets that I later regret! As I am maturing in my understanding of my stamping style, I make less purchase mistakes, thank goodness! This little $5 hexagon set is going to be with me within about six weeks (you know, ordering and postage outside the US) and this card is going to be waiting in my inspiration file to CASE. :-) Gorgeous, Susan, one-layer perfection!

  8. I haven't commented on your blog in too long, Susan! LOVE this--I haven't jumped into hexagons, either! I LOVE the vintage trend going on right now, but I really was disappointed when I hopped on the washi tape train. I have some. I spent not too much, but enough to wonder why...maybe you have good ideas on how to use it?! I've used it exactly ONCE.

  9. Oh Susan I am so with you! (particularly your comment on owls - don't get it). Clouds were something I resisted for so long - couldn't see the point but guess what I now have dies to cut my clouds, how did that happen. Love your flower, amazing colours and am happy that I can stretch my stamps.

  10. I'd jump too, for five bucks!! Hexagons are pretty cool anyway. Owls are cute but I wouldn't buy them (got one free with a magazine which satisfied my urge).

    I've so far managed to resist distress markers though I love the pads.


  11. I hear you about trends. I am the same way. Takes me a looong time to decide if I like said trend. Then I finally commit, use it a few times and then I'm promptly tired of it because it is all over the place.

    I really like what you did with these hexagons. Cute, cute! I'm tempted to try these stamps out...but I still have a few months to decide. ;)

  12. Love the hexagons. I've taken forever about chevron and washi tape, don't own either!

  13. Interesting that most of your "commenters" don't jump for a trend -- where are the millions of people who DO? They must be out there or the companies wouldn't keep making them.

    Commented on a card on SCS that used the hexagon stamps and the stamper is sending me some examples to see if I want to jump on the bandwagon. Stampers are wonderful :> :>

  14. I tend to only buy things I love or things that I like a lot which I know won't be available to me at a later date (like when I'm on vacation at a small privately owned shop.)

    The only stamp that I regret having purchased is a small ruler image, which I bought because it was trendy at the time.

    My biggest surprise since I began stamping 3 years ago is that many of my favorite stamps come from the dollar baskets/bins at Michaels. Once I mastered how to get a good impression from even cheap clear stamps I don't worry much about the quality because I know that down the road there will be other things that I love and that are a dollar.

    While it is best to spend more and get quality in some items--like card stock, paper trimmers (I went through 2 cheapies unable to cut a straight line before I realized it was the crap cutter and not me) etc, I can often skimp on my stamp purchases and still have loads of fun with few regrets.

    While I don't comment often, I read your blog daily and enjoy it immensely. It took me awhile to figure out my stamping style. I much prefer the clean and simple over the fussy,beautiful though it is. You keep me inspired and I thank you for the time you put in here.

  15. Love your card --- the bright hexagonal flower is just so pretty. I love how you offset it, too, since it would probably be pretty big if you put the whole thing on the card. I love the $5 sets, too, and think PTI is so smart to do this! They DO have the best clear sets around --- they ALways stamp well --- and the $5 sets are affordable to everyone. I love getting an extra few sentiments that come with these $5 sets, too. As far as regretting any stamps, I think for me that only applies to holiday stamps. How many Halloween stamps can you use, when you only send out 2-3 cards a year? But they're so cute I have way too many. What I NEVER regret investing in are the floral stamps --- I love every one I have and use them all the time --- and any birthday stamps/sentiments --- because I use those so much, too. Thank you for being the tester of so many of the stamps I buy! You always widen my horizons in what I can think of to do with a set.

  16. BTW Susa--I had a chuckle when I read owls are not your cup of tea. Maybe you aren't 'old' enough yet...LOL. Back in the 70's-- when I was a young thing -- owls, mushrooms and strawberries were the rage in home/kitchen decor. I HATED it. Thought it was just downright ugly. Now, in my dotage--well not quite there yet but on my way--I LOVE them. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Possibly because they are nostalgic, and I love a heap 'o nostalgia. Another style that I am in love with ( I must be in my 2nd childhood) is the Japanese kawaii style. And Hello Kitty?...HELLO, I love you kitty. Maybe it's because I have no grands? Whatever, I'm sure having fun with things I used to intensely dislike. There's 'hope' for you yet...LOL.

  17. I'm totally with you re trends, Susan. I'm sooooo slow to jump on any band wagon :)
    Your use of the hexagon image is genius. I'm now going to check out PTI's $5 sets. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Love your post today!!! I do the same with trends...and not just in the crafting arena but all areas of my life. I always decide to get in on the trend just as it is FINISHING!!! LOL I like your idea of the $5.00 trendy stamp though!!!

  19. Trends? I can't even keep it straight whether I should buy straight leg jeans or boot leg!
    I have some owls mostly because a good friend loves them...birthdays you know. Love your new ways to use your stamps...keep up the good work! Vicki R

  20. My biggest regret is investing in a lot designer paper - while I love many of the patterns, I rarely use it.

    But I have never regretted buying my Cuttlebug and a bunch of embossing folders and Nestabilities - I love them and use them all the time.

    I was interested in Wanda's comment above about how few of the Simplicity followers jump on a trend. I think that is because people who like CAS style cards are less likely to buy the new stuff (other than stamps) - they don't need all that stuff to create their beautiful cards.

  21. i'm w/ the commenter about the paper, i have piles of patterned paper that i love but that don't match up with the stamps & inks i have. when purchasing stamp sets i go with what i like or i could use it a lot for certain people. i love pti's "hanging out" because i still hang out my laundry. i bought pti's "on the links" because i have quite a few family members & friends that golf, even though i don't. i love the hexagon's because i have loved patchwork quilts since i was a teenager. they remind me of quilts. the five dollar sets are fantastic. your use of the hexagons making a flower is genius.

  22. Your hexagon flower card is wonderful! I love the bright orange and how you've used the shape to create the flower. Since receiving my set a week or so ago, I have made several cards with it. I'm thoroughly enjoying the stamps and the hexagon frame die. I have an antique quilt collection. The most dear to my heart, is a summer quilt that is the Gradma's Flower Garden pattern, which features hexagons. Though I am generally not a trend follower, this is one trend I will be keeping tabs on. :)

  23. I'm so not a trend jumper, in any area of life. But these hexagons were my favorite item from last months PTI release, and I think they are very versatile and will be getting quite a work out! Your use of them to create a flower was ingenious. Love it!!!

  24. This is Gorgeous!!! I love it!!! I'm with you on waiting on trends. You've gotta love free shipping from PTI!!!! I have to check out their $5 sets!

  25. Oh my goodness... love your hexie flower. Leave it to you to put a spin on this set I hadn't seen.

    Trends I regret: I'm with you on the owls. And cupcakes (the stamped ones, not the edible kind.)
    And Prima flowers. And how could I forget eyelash yarn? Ugh!!! A trend I regretted even though I didn't buy into it: flowers made from zippers.

    I'm enjoying using copies of old pattern sleeves and the pattern pieces themselves.

  26. Truly adorable Susan. I love your hexagon flower.


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