Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Window into My Refreshed Soul

One-Layer Wednesday Update...Last Wednesday's challenge is on Karen's blog. I'm so sorry it slipped my mind. It's been a bit crazy around here.

I'm typing this post on my new laptop my hubby bought me today. I love the screen on this thing, but Windows 8 has me lost and confused. I'll figure it out, but really, Microsoft, did you have to change everything? Seriously? You're just messin' with me, right?

Anyway, my Mojo Muse has returned and is pretending like nothing happened (slut), so I had some quality ink time this weekend with my new goodies.

I even pulled out a sponge and channeled my inner Heather T!

To make this card, I used the pink Marvy square punch a window into the white panel and trimmed the panel to 5 1/8" x 3 7/8". Then, I punched another square the same size from a scrap of white card stock and centered that square inside the opening of the next-size-up punch (the purple Marvy), punched, and made a frame to fit the window.

After lightly marking the edges of the window on the card base, I masked the square (slightly larger than the window) and stamped the flowers from Technique Tuesday One of a Kind in Paris Dusk Memento ink. Then, using a sponge, I shaded the background with Blue Sky ink. I can't sponge as well as Heather, but it turned out okay!

The sentiment is from Papertrey Mixed Messages, and is stamped in black.

The window panel is, of course, popped up using dimensionals, and the frame of the window is glued in place.

Refreshed, indeed!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

stamps: Technique Tuesday, Papertrey
ink: Memento
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: sponge, square punches, dimensionals


  1. Framed window - get out!!! LOVE this!

  2. Gorgeous CAS card - which I lurve.

    Had to laugh re mojo comment, mine is AWOL too and no sign of returning...ho hum.

    Not stopping me buying new craft goodies to add to stash though! One of which is a large square punch mmmmmmm...

    Denise (UK) xx

  3. Love this! I've been formulating a sketch in my mind for a Mom's day card. I was thinking window and flowers. I love the frame on this. So pretty.

  4. I do believe your comments are the best tonic ever :)
    Yay for the new laptop - I feel your aggravation regarding W8. MY PC "died" at work and when IT replaced it, it had W7 (yes we're a bit behind), learning curve!!

    Adore your card, Susan, beautifully done!

  5. Lovely card! I really like the way you framed the image (and sponged it!). Your mojo muse is definitely back. I'm heading off on vacation and given Murphy's law, will probably experience great mojo when I'm 3,000 miles away from my craft room!

  6. This is a refreshing little window card. Nicely sponged ;)
    We have W8 on the main family computer and I definitely complained when that happened. Persevere, it will better. My husband kindly put W7 on the laptop he recently bought me.

  7. Lovely card. And I have a request. Would it be possible to give the measurement across your punched pieces or apertures rather than the color of the punch? In this case, I have every size of square punch from 1/4" on up, but I don't have a pink Marvy punch. I guess most people don't have this problem, but I use a really large computer screen so it's difficult to always translate what I'm looking at into it's real life size and measurements take the guesswork away. No big deal if it's too much trouble, though. Measurements just make more sense to me.

  8. Oh, boy. I hear you about Windows 8! Had to get a new laptop at Christmas and am still feeling the consequences. It seems to be way more complicated than it needs to be. I was blissfully happy when I discovered the desktop window which makes it mostly manageable aside from the fact that there's no Start menu. WTF? How is this an improvement?

    On a positive note, your card is delightful!

  9. I love that card! ... We are close to having to buy a new computer and every salesman so far has said not to get Win 8, especially not unless you get the touch screen it is designed for. Most people revert to Win 7; even Microsoft realizes they made a big mistake. Good luck, I hope you install Win 7 soon, it will help.

  10. Beautiful ... delicate and striking ... love it! Anita :)

  11. Looks beautiful!!

    As someone who has to interact with Win8 often (I have to evaluate a lot of systems for work), I have to admit that once I figured out the trick, I've been just as productive on win8 as on win7. The key is recognizing that the only thing that has actually changed is the old "start" menu. Instead of clicking the bottom left corner windows icon to pop up a small rectangle, you press the windows button to open the "tiles/metro" view, and just start typing the name of whatever application/program/setting/file that you are looking for! If you want your old desktop back, just click the "desktop" tile on the tiles screen, or use Windows+D shortcut. Hope that helps with the transition!

  12. Do you think your Muse might come visit me sometime? I don't know how you keep coming up with new, fresh ideas. I LOVE what you do with plain white paper and ink.

    Re: Win8 - my idiot, I mean Dear hubby loaded it on my laptop, but it's an OLD laptop without touchscreen. Try Win8 without a touchscreen if you want to drive yourself crazy. I think he secretly hates me.

    Sarah (kegbo)

  13. She's baa-ack!

    Love your new goodies... AND this card!

    Don't know how you do it, but your "Let It Go" card... I probably wouldn't have looked twice at that set. Now I love it and can see its possibilities.
    Shouldn't be surprised by now...

    I did predict (to myself) that you'd get "Square Prints" by Maile Belles... that one had your name written all over it.

    Anyway, so glad you have a new laptop, and so glad your slutty mojo returned... looking forward to all the goodness that's sure to come.


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