Thursday, April 11, 2013

Squares Again, Naturally

This week's OLW is on Heather's Blog. It's a fun one, and I hope you'll join in!!!!

Reading your comments on my last post was enlightening. Methinks I'll be purging again soon...and I mean that in a good way.

Other than the brad cards, I've not made much in the past few weeks, but I found a stash of cards on my computer that haven't made their way onto the blog yet, so yay! At least, I don't remember posting them, but, then, my memory isn't what it used to be.

Don't you love the Square Prints set from the mega-talented Maile Belles at Papertrey?

I saw a card somewhere (Maile's blog, perhaps) that used the squares from Square Prints snuggled next to each other to form a largish background. This takes a surprisingly steady hand, and I much prefer using these squares with a little space around them, or punched and popped into place using a dimensional. Much more forgiving. But then, I've been battling perfectionism since birth, so you might find the odd overlap less of a bother.

Bahama blue and pear tart would be my two favorite Memento colors if I had favorite colors, which I do not. I also don't have a favorite dessert, favorite song, or favorite book. I'm all about inclusion. We wouldn't want the apple pie feeling sad because I prefer chocolate cake, now would we?

Which may explain my 10-pound weight gain this winter.

But anyway, when I was young, I didn't like yellowy greens like pear tart, and now I love them. Tastes change, and I think as we grow up and experience more of these changes in ourselves, we realize how ephemeral our preferences are and hate things a little less. After all, who knows when you'll suddenly feel a need for a puce wardrobe, you know?

If you have a least-favorite color, I urge you to overcome your prejudice and find ways to use it. All colors serve a wonderful purpose in design. I used to hate orange. I mean hate with a hot hate. But I made myself use it and lo, the clouds parted and orange became beautiful in my eyes! Now, it makes me happy, especially when I saw my son wearing an orange graphic t-shirt with the Reese's logo on it.


Have you overcome a prejudice against a color? How did you do it? Was it a natural, gradual change; did you work to overcome it; or did you experience an epiphany?

stamps: Papertrey Square Prints, Round and Round
ink: Memento
paper: Papertrey
accessories: nada


  1. Love this set! Love your card with it's gorgeous color combination! It makes me *sigh* with pure contentment. Like sunshine after rain. Bev

  2. I once taught a class where everyone had to make a monochromatic project. I assigned the colors to be used. Several people received colors they did not like or hated just as much as your aversion to orange. By the end of the class, all had a favorite new color.

    Moral of this story is we all must face our demons!

  3. I used to hate green the same way you hated orange. I wouldn't wear it, decorate with it, or use it on craft projects. One day I just decided it was silly to hate every shade of green, so I stated crafting with some shades... then more... and more. Then one day I wanted to buy a green shirt... green found it's way into my home decor... yadda, yadda, yadda... now I probably craft with some shade of green every day! :)

  4. I have been saving your cards using this stamp set as I can't seem to get it to play for me. So I had better get to it as this card is another fabulous example! And orange, could you not love it. I think for me it is bright yellow, yuk!!

  5. It took me awhile but eventually I figured out that just because yellow looks terrible on me as clothing, it's a perfectly lovely color and looks great on my kitchen walls :)

  6. There was a bluish-green color, sort of a seafoam green, that I really disliked growing up. It was pretty common as paint color for shutters and trim where we lived. Almost nauseating to me. Now I just see it as a nice greenish aqua.

    Colors I don't like now are "muddy" light colors - pastels with a brownish or grayish tinge.

  7. Great card.

    Does this mean that we'll see a card made with Fairy Vomit any time soon? I can't wait!

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  9. I've tried and tried, but I just can't bring myself to use lavender unless I know it's someone's favorite color. I made a nice lavender skirt way back in junior high having saved my babysitting money for months to buy the 100% wool to make it because it was the "in" color and all the popular girls wore it. I had to go home at lunchtime and change. I decided I'd rather be unpopular than sick to my stomach. Needless to say, I never wore it again. I did overcome (sort of, though by mistake) my aversion to "insane asylum" or "government agency" green. [Having written that sentence, I realize I may have offended someone with my oxymoronic examples.] I ended up with just that color in my dining room. In my defense, it looked a lot different on the paint chip. I'm not overly thrilled with it, but I haven't painted over it yet, either. Give me a warm-tone color and I'm happy as can be. The cooler colors seem to drain me of energy. I'm not sure I could generate enough sustained energy to WORK at overcoming a color prejudice, especially since there are so many I like to use instead. I applaud your fortitude. One more trait of yours for me to envy....

  10. Someone beat me to the punch, but I was also wondering when you were going to start loving and using "Fairy Vomit". I have a few sheets of cardstock I have been hoarding (because I love it so much!), but I would be willing to send them to you so you could experience the joyfulness of that awesome color! : ) heehee!

  11. I don't think there are any colors I won't use to stamp. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing pink. and I wouldn't have it in my house, but I do occasionally use it for a baby or wedding card. I naturally tend towards earthy colors, but I will use my un-favourites on cards for people that wear or decorate in those colors. Really, no matter how hideous a color is (or a designer paper), it is the perfect foil for something you do like, so I work them in as accents whenever possible.

  12. My mom told me as a child that I didn't look good in blue, so I wasn't aloud to wear it and never really liked it. Of course, now as a senior citizen with white hair, I really love all blues, wear it, and use it often on my cards. Still don't like orange, though.


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