Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tweaking a Concept to Make It Work

A few weeks ago, I made a card that left me somewhat dissatisfied, although I'm not sure why. Here it is:

Not entirely satisfying for me.

The card is okay, but there's just something not "me" about it...probably the fact that there's no real white space and that there are two spots of red with a black sentiment as the focal triangle...and the black sentiment just isn't doing it for me.

Whatever. I wasn't going to post this card but then, when I made this second one, based on the same random shadow stamping concept, I changed my mind. Because the second card wouldn't have happened without the first, and I like it very much indeed!

 Now THIS one I love!!! The white border satisfies my need for restful space, and the silver border is lovely and defines the space nicely. The green and red are festive and work together better.


stamps: Papertrey In the Meadow and Wonderful Words: Joy Mini Stamp Set
ink: Hero Arts, Memento
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: silver marker, dimensionals


  1. Although I like the first one too, the second card is really splendid. Love the touch of silver.

  2. The Joy design is cool. Reminds me of the designs I see on the Print and Pattern blog.

  3. My first reaction to the first card, was the tree was not grounded...just floating & that bothered me. And perhaps the background trees were one or two too many! I was hoping you were going to have a version 2 that made you happy!

  4. Part of what bothers me about the first card is the trees appearing to float around up in the air. The second card I like a great deal for although the words are floating it's more acceptable if words "float" and you've corralled them on a panel with a silver border. Nice that the "mistake" design led to a stunning one. Wish more of mine did that. :)

  5. Love card number 2!!! I just added that stamp set to my wish list - like it needs to be longer :) I kind of agree about the floating trees - but I like the idea of the card - if that makes any sense.

  6. I like No2 card - the first card is not "really " you - I felt it was too busy and agree with the others about them floating .Till the next card ........keep stamping


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