Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Study in Contrast

Today's card is crisp and clean, like a bright autumn day.

Crisp, clean, autumnal

The color here is Ancient Page Henna, which is a glorious burnt red color. This ink stamps so crisp and clean (although it does stain photopolymer, if that bothers you). The pointy banner keeps the design crisp, as does the all-caps classic font of the sentiment. The two rhinestones anchor the banner, To get the color right, I started with brown rhinestones and added red Sharpie.

Contrast that with yesterday's card, which has a nearly identical layout. The lavender is cool and soothing, and there's nothing really "crisp" about this with the fuzzy flock as the dominant element. The font is certainly crisp, but I find with this complex botanical stamp, fussy fonts get lost or look kind of chaotic.

Soft, fuzzy, serene

Same basic card, completely different feel. Y'all, I never get tired of doing this with layouts. Change a few key elements, and the whole thing changes.

Do you like playing around with color like this? Sometimes I find a design works great with one color scheme but doesntt work in another. Sometimes, too, an image can be incredibly flexible, like this fabulous Penny Black stamp that can be energized or subdued.

I'm so glad I bought this set!!!! You'll see more of it in the next couple of days. It's chameleon-like!

stamps: Penny Black Happy Notes
ink: Ancient Page Henna
paper: Papertrey Ink
accessories: dimensional, square punch (used just one corner to notch the banner), brown rhinestones, red Sharpie marker


  1. Simple,cleanand very very pretty!!!Love them both!!!!

  2. Oh, damn! I started off by looking at the "tomorrow" card. Now I can't look at these without comparing to the Kaleidacolor! Sorry, Kaleidacolor is as mesmerizing as watching a fire. I'm smitten.


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