Saturday, August 29, 2015

Happy Birthday: Four Colors and Two Neutrals!

Here's a birthday card that's colorful, fun, and utterly random!

This inspiration for this card is somewhat complicated so numbered list might help.
1. The use of vellum was inspired by Gayatri Murali over at Handmade by G3. She's been using vellum a lot lately with stamped backgrounds on her gorgeous cards, and I just had to use some.
2. The color scheme came off this Pinterest pin on my Color my World board.
3. The layout idea (with the wrapped label) came from this Pinterest pin on my Pure Inspiration board.

Now, as I have said before, random backgrounds are NOT really random. When I stamped this one, it was with the intention of making the panel portrait-oriented, but then I couldn't find a sentiment that worked well, so I turned it to landscape. Which is fine, but the not-random arrangement is a bit off. Unless you look closely, though, I think it still looks fine. If you are interested, here's my tutorial on so-called random stamping.

The vellum strip is wider than the panel. I positioned it where I wanted it, carefully inverted the strip and panel on my cutting mat, and used a butter knife to score the sides of the strip. This makes the fold crisper and tighter. Then, each flap was folded down onto the back where an ugly strip of tape holds it in place. This means there's no need for adhesive under the vellum on the front of the card. Most tape WILL show through vellum (though a few are barely visible if you do it right). But I really wanted the idea of the wrapped label from Pinterest, so I adhered where it definitely doesn't show.

Note that there are FOUR colors on this card, although admittedly the two blues look nearly identical. They are VersaMagic Ocean Depth and Tea Leaves, and Memento Luxe Pear Tart (hee, hee...she typed "pear") and Teal Zeal. The Teal Zeal is a few shades lighter than the Ocean Depth, but with these outline stamps the difference barely registers, which is proof again (as if we need it!) that you can never






Because I sure could use a lighter shade of teal blue.


The neutrals are, of course, black and white. The black ink is Memento Tuxedo...not Memento Luxe, because the pigment inks take forever to dry on vellum and I am not a patient crafter.

And that is all I have to say about that.

stamps: Mama Elephant Freestyle Flowers; Papertrey sentiment
ink: Memento Luxe, VersaMagic, Memento
paper: Papertrey white, vellum
accessories: dimensionals, butter knife


  1. To this no-so-trained eye, it's just fine in landscape -- lovely! I like the four colors and the wrapped vellum.

  2. Aw thanks for reminding me about your Inspiration Board - yeah 30 min later, I got lots of awesome pins :) -- great color combo and card today - off to remind myself [again] of random stamping ~

  3. Love your card. Would never have known your not so random stamping was intended to be portrait oriented if you had not mentioned it.
    While I do not want to discourage the purchasing of more ink pads; I do feel I should mention the whole "stamp it off once" technique as a way to get your lighter teal blue shade.😉

  4. So pretty. Random stamping that isn't, yep!


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