Monday, August 24, 2015

No Regrets

Okay, so I do have some regrets...those purchases that clearly were stupid and silly and filled me with buyer's remorse and self-loathing.

"Will I ever learn?!?!"

Probably not. But hey, I just, for the second time in my life, used up a whole tube of ChapStick without losing it first. I suppose that means there must be some hope for me.

Or not.


Anyway, after deciding RESOLUTELY that I did not, under any circumstances, need even one more Kaleidacolor ink pad, I bought Vineyard. Because (and you know this, don't you?) it was so pretty!

I played around with the pad immediately after I bought it and thought, "Meh. Why'd I buy this?" And quietly banged my head on my desk in despair.

Today, however, I'm feeling no regrets. This card is why I bought Kaleidacolor Vineyard:

As soon as I finished it, I knew exactly who will receive it. Our niece announced last week that she and her boyfriend are getting married. Yay!!!! I'm going to send this to the happy couple. The color scheme isn't too girly, which feels appropriate for a couple, don't you think?

The close-up shows the fabulous olive fading into the grayish teal, then brownish purple, dark plum and finally lavender.

Happy sigh. I think my new motto for crafty purchases is "No Regrets." Eventually, you will make something work for you.

And if that's not a sure-fire plan for getting my own episode of Hoarders, I don't know what is.

stamps: Penny Black Happy Notes
ink: Kaleidacolor Vineyard
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: none


  1. Your card is beautiful and is sure to be appreciated by the happy couple.

    I hope you will soon come to love your new Kaleidacolour ink pad ..... they are perfect for the "bouncing brayer" technique if you fancy losing yourself on youtube checking out the possibilities!

    I tried it ..... love it! Reckon you might too


  2. Fabulous card~ Oh, I keep my chapstick in my nightstand and use it every night. I also have one in my purse and just about any pockets in my jackets. Care Deeply from Avon is the best and I have been using them for more than 30 years. Not as waxy as the other brands either. I highly recommend the "Care Deeply " brand. Seriously, and I buy them when they are are sale.

  3. Beautiful card... I'm a sucker for those multi color ink pad too... all those pretty colors that blend so well and I think the pads give off some kind of fumes that make them irrestibile - LOL! I'm sure the happy couple will love the card!

  4. I love my Kaleidacolor pads and have had several for years. Interestingly, none have ever dried out. Vineyard looks luscious...may need to take a closer look after seeing your lovely example.

  5. Oh gosh, I didn't even realize K-pads were still being made. I'm a sucker for those multi-colored pads - even bought all the reinkers - and a few blank pads to make my own combos. Your card is lovely and makes me want that Vineyard pad!

  6. Well, it certainly is pretty! There's no arguing that.

  7. I love the image that you used. Are the Penny Black Transparent stamps photopolymer?

  8. You enabled me! I went to Joann's and got the Vineyard stamp pad AND the Denim one!

    Love your card! It helps me to see the colors actually stamped. Thanks.



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