Thursday, August 20, 2015

Some Color Ideas

Well, we are back in Ohio after a wonderful twelve days in Quebec. My husband finished his sixth Ironman race 18 minutes faster than last year and is still recovering from Sunday's effort. He'll be back on the bike this weekend for sure, but running might take longer.

Our kids missed the first day of school because of our trip, so this week has been insane with trying to get everything set up, inevitable problems worked out, and school supplies bought. So far, I've shopped five times for supplies, and we still don't have everything we need. It's a nightmare.

While I still haven't had time to stamp, I had some rainy days in Quebec to surf Pinterest for inspiration, and pinned lots of good stuff, mainly on Pure Inspiration and Color my World boards.

Kathryn Baldwin asked me a question on one pin that provides some interesting food for thought. She wrote,

"Just out of curiosity, do you have a personal standard or preference for the number of colors you use in a card? I find it difficult to go beyond three. And sometimes one of those is white or ivory or Kraft!"

Most of the pins on the Color my World board have five-color combinations...yet when was the last time you saw me use five colors on a card? Yeah, it's been a while, for sure. My favorite color combinations are either a) monochromatic, b) two or three colors, usually analogous (side-by-side on the color wheel), or c) two complementary colors (opposites on the color wheel).

So why spend so much time pinning five-color combinations on Pinterest?

Because those combinations just offer inspiration. We can pick and choose among the five and play with two or three of them...or all of them. Really, inspiration is just the jumping off point. And while we all have "favorite" colors and combinations, it's useful to stretch our creativity by trying combinations or colors that we don't normally use.

Color my World is perfect for that sort of inspiration, and that's how I use it.

How do you get color inspiration on Pinterest? Do you have a board specifically for color? How do YOU use it?

Inquiring minds, and all that jazz....


  1. 1. George is a complete mystery to me. But go George!
    2. More and more I am drawn to fun bright colors. No real sources of inspiration that I can identify. I guess I should pay more attention to color as it can really make a design.

  2. I have just become a follower on pinterest of your colour board. Love the combos. I usually start with one colour and then just build as I go. I'm not very organised, Ieould probably drive you nuts

  3. I do have a board on Pinterest just for color inspiration called It's A Coloful Life. I use it pretty much the same way you use yours. As a matter of fact, I think most of the pins I grabbed this past week were from you to begin with! LOL

  4. Thanks for this discussion. My demo uses 4-5 colors and I have trouble with following her designs because of that. Me, I prefer 2, max 3 colors with one a neutral. Guess that's why my designer paper just piles up & not used!

  5. I rarely get inspiration from Pinterest. I read enough blogs and plan enough challenges that I get all the examples my pea-brain can handle. Plus, I don't need another place to go for ideas. My head can't keep up.

    As for colors, I think I'm a 3-color gal, not counting the card base.

    PS: Reading about all the Back To School shopping makes me happy I only had to get pencils, pens, a 3-ring binder, and lined paper when I went to school.

  6. I have a board called Colour on Pinterest. The funny thing is, when I go to look for some colour inspiration I find I've pinned the same ideas over and over, haha! I rarely use more than two or three colours, unless I'm making a rainbow. :-)

  7. I love 3 color combos. not including white. I find 5 or more difficult, unless it's a rainbow card, as in all rainbow colors.


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