Thursday, February 18, 2016

One Small Set: Day 3

Click for Day 1 and Day 2 if you missed them!

Today's experiment with Spring Hello by Lia Griffith from Hero Arts focuses on the thank-you sentiment, which is in such a darling font and ever so sweet! I'm sharing three variations of the same card. See which you like best!

The first card combines the thank you with a flower from Gina K's Hello Sunshine set. The flower is stamped in Hero Arts butter bar and the sentiment in Memento Luxe espresso truffle.

My initial reaction: it's too busy. The white spaces in the flower seemed just a bit too overwhelming for the already flourished and interesting sentiment. These thoughts prompted the second version of the card, which uses a simpler, more solid flower from Papertrey's Beautiful Blooms II.

[Happy aside: Isn't it cool that I have two flower stamps that are so similar and yet so different? I love my stamp collection and am so grateful to the many companies happily selling us stuff for this wonderful hobby!]

Back to the second card.

Hmm. Once I had made the second version for comparison, suddenly I really liked BOTH versions of the card. The first one ceased to look so busy to me, and both make me happy. How weird is that? I wonder if the white-to-yellow proportions of the first flower help integrate the design into all the white space better than the more solid second flower...something I didn't see before I made the second card. Who knows what my brain is thinking. I sure don't.

Anyway, I started to wonder if using a lighter yellow (butter bar is VERY bright) might make the sentiment pop more. Here's a version with Memento's dandelion.

Blech. Photo editing makes the yellow appear darker on my computer screen than in real life, but even here, it looks sadly noncommittal...sort of how I feel when someone asks whom I plan to vote for in the upcoming presidential election. Ugh. Seriously? The butter bar definitely stands up better to the espresso truffle sentiment.

I'm certainly NOT voting for Card #3. If you were to press me aggressively, I might possibly admit to a slight preference for Card #2, but Card #1 isn't out of the running.

As for the presidential race, you might not have heard (NPR's coverage has been irresponsibly negligent), but Bill and Opus of the Dandelion Meadow Party are back in action and running for the highest office in the land once again, this time on an Ottoman Platform.

We could do a lot worse.

stamps: Gina K, Papertrey, Hero Arts
ink: Hero Arts, Memento Luxe, Memento
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: corner rounder


  1. Card #1. Yes, card #1. Card #2 runs a very close second. There are a few people in my life that I would love to *press aggressively*. You are not one of them.

  2. I like Papertrey's bloom best. And actually like #3, I think because I like the purer (is that a word? sure looks wrong, but it's early) yellow.

    I AM SO PROUD! I own an ottoman!!! I'm not a violent person, but in time we'll find out who gets thrown into the Bosporus.
    The Facebook comments are almost better than the cartoon. Thanks Susan.

  3. My response to seeing the first card without having read any words was, "Wow, how does she do it?" Not too buys in my mind, it is refreshing, clean and simple. Then I saw there were others, still like the thought of #1.

  4. I respond most positively to card #1.

  5. Card #2. The first flower reminds me of fireworks--explosion of color. I'd like to see it paired with a CELEBRATE sentiment. I always taking these journeys with you-different cards same stamps (more or less). Love Butter Bar.

  6. I like Card #1, and here's why: The flower stamp in Cards 2 and 3 has a white spot in the center, and my eye is drawn there as if it is a target. Once I see it, I can't not see it. But I really like all three of them; I'm partial to yellow and I can't wear it, so I like to see it in my cards.

  7. Since you asked, I like #2 the best as I do see it as less busy. Interestingly, I have stamps almost like these flowers and they are not Papertrey! As for the election question, don't you hate it when people ask you that? I like to keep my own counsel. Just saying.


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