Friday, February 19, 2016

One Small Set: Day 4

Well, my car was totaled. Ugh. May it rest in peace...or be recycled at the junk yard. Whatever. I'm sad. It was a very good car. Here's the damage.

Hard to believe this is totaled. But it is. Poor thing!
It served us well.

On to happier things. Here's the last card (for the time being, at least) using the Spring Hello by Lia Griffith set from Hero Arts. I just wanted to play around with the little bird and chipmunk stamps.

May you have a lovely weekend. We'll be at the Special Olympics Bowling Tournament tomorrow. Jack will try to "be the ball." And we'll drive some cars in preparation for replacing my poor, smashed Mazda. *sigh*

stamps: Hero Arts
ink: various pigments
paper: Papertrey
accessories: craft foam, Copic marker for border


  1. Goodness, your poor car was hit with some force, hope no-one was inside it at the time. Fab make today and good luck to Jack with "becoming the ball"


  2. So glad you and family are fine. Why is it that what looks like minimal damage writes off a car, particularly when it has served your family so well.

    Beautiful cards by the way

  3. Poor Mazda Susan, the card is gorgeous. Enjoy the weekend!

    Love and hugs

  4. So glad you are okay, though! Cars CAN be replaced!

  5. I've enjoyed your One Small Set series this week. The chipmunk, bird, and flower look so natural perched on the Hello. A very fun way to use those tiny images. Good luck with your car search!

  6. Lovely card. So sorry about your car. It's frustrating how quickly insurance companies rush to total cars these days. Makes you long for the days when everything wasn't disposable.


  7. [insert wave]Gosh seems like forever since I popped on over! BA-BAM - that is a lot of damage! Good thing you were both okay. Such a fun hello card with the added critters.

    ps I do love the idea of using EVERY single image in a stamp set - If I went back, I wouldn't ever buy stamps again.

  8. I'm glad you are OK. I was in an accident earlier this year and basically got half a new car. I was just so thankful I walked away without a scratch. Love your card...your style is awesome.

  9. It could be that this damage when combined with the previous damage is what did in your faithful steed. Cute card but it doesn't have that Susan feel.

  10. Susan.. sorry that the car can't be fixed this time. Hard having to part with the ones we are comfortable with. Have had it happen to me in the past as well. Praying you find a good replacement. Loved the cards the past few days. Sweet one today!

  11. Bummer! I know it doesn't look like it should be totaled, but I'm betting there was damage to the frame or something structural that would have made it unsafe for them to just repair the body work and send you on your way. Put it this way, not all mechanics work can be trusted, but I definitely trust when they say a car can't be fixed, or that you could get another car cheaper than you could fix this one!!! :-D Change is hard, but it can be good for us too. Good luck!

  12. I am so sorry about your car! But sounds like your family is safe so that is what counts! Make a card...reduce the stress Seriously, that is what my mom would say to me.

  13. Oh, no. Sorry to hear about your car! It's sad to part with one that you are currently happy with. Hopefully the next one is equally good for you.

  14. Ugh, Susan! You never mentioned any injuries so hoping there weren't any. It's bad enough your car was totaled. Looks like you got a newer black one so hopefully that will be good to you and keep you safe. Love your great card!

  15. Somehow I missed this piece of news! Glad you are okay, even though your car was not. Yay for the new CX-9!


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